q. How Search Engines Utilize Keywords

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1.  Do subsets of keyword phrases increase the number of times a
website will come up in search engine results.  For example is there
any advantage to adding the keywords "tool sharpening" if you already
have the phrase "mobile tool sharpening".

2.  If a website has 10 keywords that will cover 80% of the searches,
will adding 20 more keywords somehow reduce the effectiveness of the
first 10 keywords?

3. Is there a maximum amount of keywords that should be added?

Thanks in advance.


Re: q. How Search Engines Utilize Keywords

David wrote:
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Somewhere in the archives of this group you will find a thread started
by SEO Dave about "easy serps" or "thousands of keywords." This may be
one of the most important things you can learn: No site has "10
keywords" or "20 keywords" -- any site should have more than 100
keywords, and a thousand-page site should literally have thousands of
keywords. THERE IS NO MAXIMUM. When i think of tool sharpening, i think
of the following:

saw sharpening
sharpening saws
saw setting
saw blades
sharpening chain saws
plane blades
carpentry tools
agricultural tools
electric tools
hand tools
scissors sharpening
mobile tool sharpening
knife sharpening
sharpening knives
rusty tools
refurbished tools
refurbishing old tools
tool repair
repairing tools

I am sure that you can think of many more. USE THEM ALL, lots of times,
on lots of interlinked pages. And don't forget to use common
misspellings as well.

Good luck,

cat yronwode
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Re: q. How Search Engines Utilize Keywords

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The point you make is probably THE key to generating quality traffic to a
website. This example above is great. Only last year I searched for "Mobile
Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening", I didn't think to try "mobile tool

I'm now off to think about keywords again for a local Estate Agents

A great tool would be a website that shows alternative search phrases.
Anyone know one ?

Re: q. How Search Engines Utilize Keywords

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Be one here prolly www.kruse.co.uk/seo-tools.htm



Re: q. How Search Engines Utilize Keywords

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You mean like this ?

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