Q: How long on Google's black list?

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I maintain 3 sites and in order to improve search ability I have been
playing with one site's metatags title, description, keyword as well
as with keywords on the face of the site.

As a result I made some improvement in MSN and Yahoo search (number 3
and 19 out of 5 million competitors). In contrary Google put me on
BLACK LIST and can't even find my site searching by its domain name.
As I understand Google still keeps my site in its index, even gave me
a high PageRank of 4 points. But can't find the site in any possible
way, period.

QUESTION: For how many weeks/months Google will keep my site on black

I am thinking to publish the site under new and different domain name
and submit it to Google in the next few weeks. Is it a good idea at

rather blurry answer. Also posted the same questions on Google groups
and received no answer what so ever... I hope that one you know the
secret :-)

Thank you,
Christopher A Krokos

Re: How long on Google's black list?

Chris Krokos wrote in

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Are you sure you're on a blacklist and, if so, what makes you sure?

A URL would be useful.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: How long on Google's black list?

you have to beg, beg and beg some more, then if they deem your site to be
acceptible, they'll include it again.


Re: How long on Google's black list?

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 15:22:19 +0100, mark | r wrote:

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My experience is that they will deny that you are penalized at all and
absolutely refuse to consider any proof otherwise.

Webmaster: http://www.internet-search-engines-faq.com  

Re: How long on Google's black list?

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Has the PR dropped to zero even though Google shows plenty of pages with
good PR linking too it?  that is a good indicator ( we have to experimental
sites like this now :-).


James Taylor

http://www.aicompany.com - Search Engine Optimization Services
http://www.seo-highrankings.com - Free SEO Tools!

Re: How long on Google's black list?

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Have no problem with www.thailandtradenet.com site as it is quite well
searchable in Google. Below are are the problem one and some real

www.woodroyal.com PageRank 4 > position/total search results

SEARCH WORD/PHRASE         GOOGLE            MSN            YAHOO
sculpture              >100/5,610,000   37/2,040,263    27/9,620,000
sculptures             >100/2,560,000   ------------     9/5,260,000
wood carving             >100/629,000      9/217,275    17/1,100,000
wood carvings            >100/293,000     21/135,386      17/665,000
asian sculpture          >100/598,000     20/132,159      10/723,000
asian sculptures         >100/249,000       3/48,363       1/275,000

www.the-wood.com PageRank 4 > position/total results

SEARCH WORD/PHRASE         GOOGLE            MSN            YAHOO
wood door              >100/4,720,000    5/1,184,988     3/5,910,000
wood doors             >100/3,400,000    118/792,646    18/4,010,000
antique doors          >100/5,150,000     11/189,023       4/945,000
custom door            >100/3,100,000      6/994,083     3/4,750,000
carved door              >100/453,000      3/197,923    17/1,030,000
carved doors             >100/291,000     20/119,763       7/678,000


(1) Any idea what is going on?
(2) Close the sites?
(3) Publish sister sites under new/different domain names?
(4) Forget about e-commerce and take factory job?


Re: How long on Google's black list?

Below is an email I received today on subject, quite interesting...

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"I've taken a look at your sites and the lack of ranking and it has me
perplexed - however Google managed to completely mess up their
algorithms over the last 5/6 months.

As an example my website was number 1/2/3 for Logo Development for
about 18 months and then it was history. In it's place were sites like
the US Housing Development Agency, the Welsh Development Board and any
other websites that had 'Development' in their content - but not Logo!
In the top 30 there were only 4/5 sites that actually developed logos!
You may be suffering something similar and Google is NOT going to
admit it.
As your sites are very well indexed by Google I would believe it is
more an algorithm issue.
http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&q=inurl:www.the-wood.com+site:www.the-wood.com +
Let me know how it pans out. By the way, are you the webmaster or the
business owner? Kind regards Klyve

< End Quote >

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 10:08:48 +0700, Chris Krokos

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Re: Q: How long on Google's black list?

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004 18:14:54 +0700, Chris Krokos

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ANOTHER QUESTION: What's the url?

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