Q: Can you Update Pages Too Much?

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Could it possibly hurt your rankings On Google if you update your Website
with New Pages or New information too often?

Lets say you have some pages listing Part Numbers for Items your Site has
available, and you add another Part number to that page every day. Would it
cause a Delay in that page Being updated in Google if Say Google Visits
there every 7 Days or so?

Re: Q: Can you Update Pages Too Much?

techforce wrote:

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Updating often is not bad (in fact it's very good), however you should
take care not to push items out of sight too fast. Let's say you have a
blog with new items every day. If you only show the last day in your
blog, then your link of two days ago might have been missed by Google,
because it last visited 3 days ago...

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Re: Can you Update Pages Too Much?

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Normal updating is quite acceptable - even if it is every day. News portals
for example are updated sever times a day without penalty.

I'm not sure if the engines can detect updates just aimed at optimisation
for ceratin search terms for example - i suspect not as their algorithms are
designed to detect such things irrespective of how often the update occur.

I have noticed no long term penalty resulting from regular updating.

Re: Can you Update Pages Too Much?

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Yes you can update the pages regularly that is not a problem, If the
content reflects the same topic in each update there is no problem at
all, but if the content are reflecting different topic it might not
help you in getting top rank.

I also suggest always have unique and user oriented content, else
spider can catch you easily

Hope you find this helpful

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