Putting links in meta-data at the moment? SEO/indexing question

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I have a few web sites with great names. Despite being elderly, they show
up high in google rankings, usually on page 1 and often at the top.

I get the point that google has gone over from the old system of applying
some algorithm to the words in the page and now (more importantly) meta-data to
a system of hoisting
sites up in rankings based on how many links there are to that site/
page.  I did some basic SEO in addition to getting great site names before
google implemented this change.

I have now added a top level domain to a legal site so that it highlights
some litigation containing some VERY extensive research which would be of
considerable general interest in the area of the law concerned.  So now in
addition to having www.thesite.com, I now have thiscase.thesite.com.

But nothing I can do will make that page and the pages off it show up on
any google search, -  even if I do a specific search as a test on
thiscase.thesite.com. It seems google just wont index it.  I even tried
adding adsense to the pages in it, although somewhat ineptly.

I suppose I should link to thiscase.thesite.com in all my other sites
which DO show up on searches because I assume there are NO links to
thiscase anywhere on the Internet so google just doesn't index that part
of my site at all. But I wanted to keep them a bit separate. Can I put a
link IN the metadata of my sites mentioning thiscase.thesite.com and all
the pages that link off of it please?

I didnt do any SEO for the thiscase part of the site because I assumed
that google looked initially to the www.thesite.com/index.html when
indexing and then indexes all pages on that site.  Is this completely
wrong and should I copy over the metadata from the index.html page to the
metadata section of the thiscase page(s)?  Or does putting links in
metadata automatically disqualify the pages/site from being seriously
considered by the search engines?

Re: Putting links in meta-data at the moment? SEO/indexing question

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Google seems to be treating subdomains like thiscase.thesite.com as if it
were a separate site from www.thesite.com - so yes, it needs SOME links to
get the Googlebot going and make it start collecting URLs from the
subdomain. But I would be VERY careful not to do the kind of mass
interlinking that you suggest here. It may be OK to have a few links from
your main site, especially where it's relevant to the content of that
subdomain, but the bulk of the links that will eventually help your new
subdomain to rank anywhere would have to come from OTHER websites,
preferrably verifyably not under your control.

They simply don't trust any links to a site that belongs to you from other
sites under your control, so even if you did point a mass of your own
links to your new site, they would not really help much - they will be
discounted by Google anyway. But any mass addition of links can be
considered spamming and there's a chance that they will actually hurt, so
just do a couple of your own links and then continue developing it as you
would a brand new site of yours.

Good luck!

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