Punishment for "scum content" if said content is blocked from Googlebot

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A while ago, Matt Cutts said that sites with scum content such as
malicious javascript, scumware etc, may be blacklisted by google. And
he gave example of a site such as, IIRC, talk-origins.org or some such
that had such content in the unmonitored forums that were spammed, and
was thus blacklisted.

I also have such forums. They are frequented by spammers, though I
have some cron jobs that delete these spams, but I am afraid that one
day they will slip past the filters.

So I blocked these forums from googlebot vai robots.txt.

Would you say that even if these fora get spammed, that would not be a
reason to blacklist my site. I use no black hat stuff, and nothing at
all spammy otherwise, it is a clean content site.


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