publicly accessible indexed web index?

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dear readers:  I would like to do a basic web search and download a
list of all web pages matching the results.  I don't care very much
about ordering, because my own perl programs will then wget the
resulting web pages and see if they meet other needs of mine.  (I do
need to sift through 1000's of result pages, though.)

of course, I could use one of the many publicly accessible spider
program, and crawl the web myself, but this seems like a waste of
bandwidth.  are there public repositories that avoid the need for me to
crawl? used to have an API, but apparently just dropped it.
 moreover, I don't need much google or pagerank sophistication---I need
the old altavista-like comprehensiveness more than cleverness.

any pointers would be appreciated.



Re: publicly accessible indexed web index? wrote:

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From a search engine I guess.

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Didn't know that, and I doubt it. One can always spider Google directly,
but it's against Google's policy. The API is limited to 1000 queries a day
if I recall correctly.

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Based on what criteria do you want to fetch pages? I doubt you want to
spider away :-)

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I do this stuff for a living, 12+ years of Perl experience, see for pricing info etc.

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