Proximity searches?

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Are there any search engines out there that do proximity searches?

Re: Proximity searches?

Hi Don,

There are a lot of engines getting closer and closer to acheiving success in
local search; which truly is the precursor to true 'proximity' based
searching.  Unfortunately, there are very few web sites that are assisting
the engines in this domain.  By that I mean very few are properly geocoded
to allow their true position to be fixed.  You might look at the web site for a little more information as to what this
entails.  If all web sites were properly geocoded, it really would not be
difficult for search engines to release true proximity search tools; it is
the lack of web sites with the proper data encoded into them that is
limiting such a release.

Some question whether the delay has to do with devices.  This is not the
case.  At this point the delays have more to do with the failure of most web
sites to include proper or sufficient locational information to warrant such
a release.  However, the number of web sites being properly geocoded grows
each month - we process quite a large number.  Therefore, as each day passes
proximity based searching approaches; one day in the not too distant future,
there will be enough geocoded web sites to convince the search engines to
unveil proximity as a factor in search results.

Proximity and contextual content are relevance in true local search.  They
will be especially important for restaurants, hotels, and related services
initially. However, as proximity based search really permeates through the
market, it will threaten the Yellow Pages in local marketing.

It's not hard to prepare your web site for proximity search, and a wise
investment in the future.



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Re: Proximity searches? (Don Steiger) wrote:

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Re: Proximity searches?

Actually I was referring to proximity in text.  The old Altavista had
a "near" command and in general was the best search engine for complex
queries.  Google has some proximity capability, some of it in beta
version, but it doesn't do a very good job. Especially if you want to
do a complex query.

Actually what I'm really looking for is a search engine that is at
least as good with complex queries as the old Altavista.

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