Proper internal use of rel=nofollow

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Hello SEO experts,

I have heard that links within my site that refer to another page in
the same site should always be coded with rel=nofollow. This was
justified on grounds that the value of any link is the PR of the
containing page divided by the number of links on that page. It would
seem to me that if page A in a site links to page B in the same site
then B simply gains a littlePR at the expense of A.

Specifically, if a site is just a linked list of pages (A -> B, B->C,
C->D, etc.) the PR thing at this point is just a wash, as each page
would wind up with a PR of 1 -- all other things being equal.

In addition, if there are 120 pages in all and each links back to the
home page, then that guy picks up some worthwhile PR at the expense of
the 119 others. I understand why rel=nofollow would help with an
external site, but for the life of me I don't see how it could help
with internal links.

I'm new to the SEO game, so advice and comments are both welcome and

Re: Proper internal use of rel=nofollow

Forget all the site page link tricks, they don't improve PR or
anything else. Just keep enhancing the page contents. A few tweaks
every time you think of something new.


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Re: Proper internal use of rel=nofollow

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What is usually said is that you should consider using
your "link juice" strategically and no-follow links to pages
you don't care really about getting into search engines.

Many websites have tons of links to social bookmarks
sites (external) and also tons of links to privacy policy,
legal, about, contact etc. pages (all internal) ... "nofollow"
all those, and the rest of yor pages could get a slight boost.

This again may help getting more of your /important/
pages indexed and ranked in search engines.

For more information, see this article: /

best regards
Thomas Schulz

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