Product descriptions unique content v replicated content

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Not quite as the title suggest that would be too obvious...
Ever since I set up our store I have always added products to the
catalogue with a very personal and unique product review giving unique
content to the product page (also key-worded up to a small degree) then
followed on by copy/past of manufacturers details.

What I am now thinking for the new site is to do away with the
manufacturers specific information completely and just stick to our own
custom written bit. After all, every web-site in the world selling the
same product will usually have hte same text in the description.

This would reduce page content significantly but the content that is
left would be completely unique and written to get the message over
rather than a sales pitch.

So less apperance and chances to use KW's but no doubt we would be able
to maintain KW density with less fluff and padding.

See the following for a good example of what I would eliminate:


-- - Fitness+Gym Equipment.

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