problems with pagerank calculator

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We've got the php pagerank calcualator (the one that's plastered all
over the web) in a couple of tools we use.  At some point in the recent
past it ceased working - we're getting a 403 forbidden.

It's not the machine/IP that's banned because I tried it at home and I
don't believe I've ever run it from that location.

I've got a buddy with the same problem.  He claims he can run it from
two machines on the same IP and one gets the PR, the other gets a 403 page.

I'm a bit stumped - any suggestions or run into this problem?


Re: problems with pagerank calculator

__/ [gcooke] on Sunday 23 October 2005 14:22 \__

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Perhaps  you are denied based on the referrer field, assuming you run that
script from a site where it was initially installed.

I  have seen such exploitation of SEO services in the past, namely that of
providing  a front-end to another front-end to a tool. Such pages tend  to
be  full  of pop-ups and serve no purpose other than to  exploit  somebody
else's  resources without giving any credit. It's about as bad as HotLink-

So  what service does that php pagerank calculator rely on? You can have a
look at the source as php is not a binary.


Re: problems with pagerank calculator

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Does the problem persist? Google sometimes temporarily ban IP
if it is bombarded with requests. You go to sleep, you wake up
and the ban is lifted :)

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