preferred method for implementing backlinks

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In a past question, someone provided the following advice concerning
improving Google Ranking.

"This is the basic of Google ranking, relevant backlinks (those that
contain your target terms, and those coming from high-PR sites)"

Establishing links with relevant sites is same advice that many others
have given.  I've followed this advice and have nearly tripled the
amount of links that I have exchanged since the early June Google

I have implemented the links that appear on my links page by inserting
a hyperlink and I insert the name of the webpage I'm linking to in the
"screentip" fields.

Is this the best way to implement a link exchange?

I've seen references about creating links where the anchor text on the
other's person's site that points to my site contains my keywords.  I
need advice on how to do this.

If this is the preferred method, can someone provide a template that I
can use to give other sites who want to link to my site?



Re: preferred method for implementing backlinks

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Try this as a template:
<p><a href=" "> Keyword1
Where the keywords are the intended keywords for the destination page.  The
"keyword1 keyword2" bit is called anchor text and is visible on the sending

When you put links to other site pages, don't use the target url itself as
the anchor text.  Much better, choose words that you would use if you hoped
you might find the target page.

There is no need to point just to home pages.  Direct the visitor to the
specific page that will best help them.  Aim at static .htm pages for
preference and don't link to any pages (or sites) that look dodgy - you
might be marked down - bad neighbourhoods and banned pages are dangerous to
link to.   Don't link to pages you don't like, such that are very slow,
won't adapt to fit the screen width, use pop ups or flash etc - these will
disappoint your visitors and give you a poor reputation.  If someone wants a
link and you don't like their page insist they improve it before you link to

When you do a back link to your own page, and this applies to all internal
links on your own site, as well as links from other sites, use anchor text
words that are likely to lead to visitors being satisfied with what they
find.  If you can, the composite distribution of all the anchor text words
used in all the incoming links should broadly match the word distribution
used by your idealised visitors for the target page.

Best regards, Eric.

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