Prediction - Google Dance December.......

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I have nothing to base this on but a feeling that the December google
dance is going to happen within the next few days and it will be as big
as the november one and hopefully sort things out.

I don't buy into the theory that google has changed its algo. They may
be testing their new databases out and that could be respondsible for
the changes but it's not an algo change because that would effect
everyone equally and this change has not done that. Some people are
doing good and some bad and it has nothing to do with seo reasons at

If it was an algo change and seo reasons sites just wouldn't drop from
page 1 to page 300. It doesn't work that way. That would be unnatural
even for a search engine such as google.

There isn't one correct or best way to do seo as many people think.
There are several variations and maybe more that work equally as well.
Anyone who thinks there's only one right way to do it is either arrogant
or a fool.

Re: Prediction - Google Dance December.......

come on Dave
write a 10 page report that means nothing

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Re: Prediction - Google Dance December.......

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This type of thought has already been shared, by another person, on
spider-food forums. Their explanation, to paraphrase, was that when a
company implements a change - as Google is reportedly stated to have
done - that the first run through may be harsh or stricter. Then
Google will modify it to make it 'less harsh' on the second go-around.

To me that is not an unlikely thought. Such things have happened
before when doing a wide or broad-sweeping change. Even a testing
beforehand would not always be a true indicator of what will result
when changes were applied to millions and millions of sites. I doubt
they did a full test run on all the sites in their database but used,
perhaps, a fraction of that number as a sample.

Which would have your prediction being true; that some things will
sort out.

I, personally, don't predict things will go fully back "like before",
in terms of some sites going back to their "original positioning"
thoughts - but that is one of those "wait and see" settings.
Particularly *if* Google is trying to modify their algorithm or
whatever to potentially weed out some questionable techniques used
then some sites will be still penalized.

However, this is just how I view it and most of it purely speculative
at best. Not claiming to be anything but an outside observer who
rarely posts to this group or a couple of others.  


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