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Re: PR update

What I'm finding is that it's only a new site PR update so far. All of
my newer sites (last 4 months) that were never pageranked finally got
pagerank today for the first time and all did quite well for a first
time. But all of my sites that had gotten pageranked from the last pr
update on back did not get updated or change at all. But I have noticed
during the last few pr updates that there seemed to be a second update
within two weeks from the initial update so maybe they will also update
the pr of older sites as well within the next two weeks.

I know I have some sites that should have dropped in pr and some sites
that should have gone up in pr but so far they remain the same.

I'm wondering also if a backlinks update will follow as well. I haven't
checked backlinks yet for changes for all my sites.

What really drives me crazy with google is everytime they do a pr and
backlinks upadte some of my sites get either yanked from their index or
they just drop to pr0 for no reason. Then they all come back again by
the next pr and backlinks update with full pr and backlinks. I figure
it's a flaw or bugs in their software causing it but it's a pain in the
neck since pr and backlinks updates take so long to happen now.

Yahoo also has an updates change too today if anybody is interested. It
was page ranking (listings) more then pr or backlinks, but some major
changes at yahoo today.

Re: PR update

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Nope that is not what I see as I see some changes to my older sites. Some
good changes some bad, depends on how you look at it.:-)


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