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Hi all
Now, google hasn't done a PR for a while and is probably due one
within the next month (hopefully)

Would it be worthwhile for me to change the html filenames so they
have better keywords / no underscore etc. ?

So far, the site only has a PR 2 homepage (stop laughing) and the rest
of the pages either have PR1 or PR0

The site gets spidered often enough, but if I make the changes now,
will it affect the PR when it gets updated again (change for the worse
that is)

It is rather a new site, so I won't be losing that much, and 301 is
out of the question.

What I was thinking of doing is leaving the files on the server as
they are now, write new ones with new names amd u/l them.
Then if anyone was entering via google etc will pick up the old page,
and very possibly pick up a 404 if they try to navigate from thereon.

My 404 page is the same as the homepage, so they can continue if they

Any ideas / help ?

Thank you kindly

Re: PR question

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We can only hope but noone knows. :-)

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No, as this has nothing to do with PR. I would keep your filenames as
changing them would be more hassle than what it is worth. And from now on
with added new pages change them to better keywords and such. If you want
you can slowy do it, but it will take time to get it all working right. Even
I have not so good file names and some with underscores.

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This takes a little time also. You need some links from other site's pages
that are index well with a good PR.

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As I said above filenames have nothing to do with PR, with ranking positions
yes it plays a small factor in relevancy.

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Oh, so you want tyo redirect you new poages to your old. As I said to much

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Just keep things the way they are unless it is real bad. But if not leave
them and gradually change if you want.


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