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Okay, so this is now getting weird.  After my post last week regarding a certain
SEO company and how my site got dumped by Google a week ago today, I started
researching (yes, should have done it before I hired them) the company.
What I found on different forums made my skin crawl.  This company (traffic
power) seems to be generally regarded as the scum of the internet with their
crappy tactics.  Forums are filled with people who, like me, found themselves
out of the Google loop.

So, on Friday, after 3 days of not being in the index, I took the suggestion of
at least 20 people, removed every bit of code that had been used to "optimize"
my site, and emailed google explaining the situation.  I know of at least 10
other sites that did the same thing.

Saturday morning, I'm back up, PR is back to 5.  BUT....whereas all my good
pages had returned to their original positions, the spammy bad pages were still
on Google as well.  Of course if you clicked the link, since I'd deleted them
off my server, you got a 404 page.

I was told to expect my site to go down again as this was not a good sign, just
an indication that G was still shuffling things around.

I was good all weekend until yesterday mid afternoon when I went down again.  By
7:00 last night, I was back up.  But this time, ALL the spam pages were gone.
So that's good right?

Well, as of an hour ago, I'm back out of the loop.  Nowhere to be found.

My question is this:  While I have removed all spam pages that my &*$%#%$# SEO
company gave me and will not put them back in, I am starting to wonder how much
of this was due to them or how much due to something else going on.  The SEO
forums are vitriolic in their loathing for Traffic Power (as I am now) but still
I'm wondering what the hell is happening here?


THanks again for any input,

Re: PR, no PR..strange stuff

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Do you not read what our Victoria says? There's a class action against
them. URL, Victoria?


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Re: PR, no PR..strange stuff

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Could give us this "fantastic" code which is so dangerous #$%#$%$#^ ?

I would be nice to know.



Re: PR, no PR..strange stuff


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Oddly, the site's own "testimonials" type page is devoid of sharing
links to clients sites ... just says "this person ..." as if meant to
be a link. *shrug*

So - do a search on Google for the name of the company - already
mentioned above - and you will find some people in a few forums or
such stating to be "happy customers" of the company ... look over
their main page to figure out how you can view one of the optimized
pages the company uses.

The clue is at the bottom in how hidden links are/are shared that lead
to those optimized pages. I suppose that is what they claimed they
needed client's FTP info/password to slip in versus just having the
client insert it themself.

Another person [found courtesy of searching Google] stated, back 4 or
so years ago, that the company was already involved in some kind of
link farming gimmick in creating links - only using clients sites to
help build up part of the link farm sites on to link to the clients?

All the "happy customers" sites so far I've seen [5] are PR0 with no
backlinks shared. I didn't go past page 3 of results for the company's
name used as a search term.


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