PPC on the minority engines?

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We buy ads on Google Adwords. However, we need more ads and seem to have
hit the maximum on Google for our keywords. So which other PPC providers
can you recommend?

I've tried Overture but didn't like them. Too expensive.

I tried Findwhat.com. They're OK, but not so big.

I've been recommended Kanoodle and I'll try them. Would that be a good move
or do you have anything negative to say about them?

What else is there out there, worth trying?

M. Hillborg
MHC Synthesizers and Effects
http://www.mhc.se /

Re: PPC on the minority engines?

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 11:49:25 +0000, Mike H wrote:

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I would try TargetPoint, Clicksor, and Veoda.

After those, you might also try MarketBanker, BidClix, Chitika, AllFeeds,
AdHearus, AffiliaSensor, and BidVertiser.

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Re: PPC on the minority engines?

On the whole, I would save your money.  You have a site with many links in
and there are over 1,000 pages which mention www.mhc.com so you ate doing
quite well.

If you do want to spend money then I would suggest that advertisements in
the Musical papers would be the thing to do.

You simply can't rely on search engines as the only means of generating
interest and customers for your product.  They are one means of many.

Everybody here has heard of amazon.com but I bet that they heard of it
because they read a news story or had a friend tell them about it.  amazon
do a huge amount of business, but I suggest it is because most people key in
the url and never find it via a search engine.

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Re: PPC on the minority engines?

I disagree I think that traditional print advertising doesn't return as good
an ROI as most PPC (certainly not for my market).  I agree about the Amazon
factor but the only reason most people key it in is because they already
know it will probably have what they want.

Try Mirago (Not sure but they used to have a free trial if you look around).

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Re: PPC on the minority engines?

I think you're right Alex. Traditional print advertising doesn't play as an important
role as it used to a couple of years ago. Mirago, that's a new one. I'll check it out.


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