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Newbie question.
Come across this site while trying to get some more links to my site.
http://www.powerlinks.com /
They advertise a Auto Link system that looks on the face of it, quite good.
Has anyone used them before?  Are they any good?
And, most important, do these links really increase PR, or are they likely
to get me banned!
What's best, get them to host an "Extra" links page, so that the links are
not reciprocal?

Thanks in Advance.

PS.  Main reason for asking is this link building thing is taking "heaps" of
time  :(
Still willing to do it, but is there an easier way then visiting each site
and doing things one at a time...

Re: PowerLinks

OK.  I take it from the silence that this place is either very good or very
As its definatly SEO related, and I cant see why if it was bad, someone
would not just tell me, I'm left to think that it's probably one of the
seacrets that most SEO techs dont want people to know about.
Or is it that with a subject just stating a site name, most people have
assumed it spam?
Damn.  Just left guessing here.
Does anyone have anything to say about this site and their service, Good or
I'm seriously looking at using them, and I saw wondering if thats a good
idea or not...

Thanks...  Philip Middleton
MSM Supplies Australia

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Re: PowerLinks

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004 21:32:55 +0800, "Philip" <philip@_remove
this_msmaustralia.com.au> wrote:

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Or no one here has ever heard of them.

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Not really, never heard of them and didn't look at the site.

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Probably not, I'd guess they expect a link to their home page or
something that basically advertises to Google you are buying links.

Ok, looked at the site now-

"Use your own links page, or let us host one for you. Once you become
a member, we will initially provide you with a few simple lines of
code to place on your links page. Our automated system will then
continually update the links on your websites link page dynamically.
You will never have to worry about checking for broken links or
improper category placement. "

This makes it very, very, very easy for Google and other engines in
one small algo change to discount or even ban ever page involved in
what is basically a link farm.

Think this bit confirms it's a link farm-

"Total control over exclusion filters. You can choose to either
exchange links with all of our members immediately after subscribing,
or pick and choose which websites you want to exchange with.
PowerLinks.com allows you to exclude individual sites or even entire
categories. You can also choose to screen all new member's websites
before approving exchanges with them if you so desire."

If you setup links with all members you are part of a link farm.

You'd have to be nuts to signup for something like this since search
engines hate link farms. Check that site in a years time and I'd bet
they'll be PR0 or even deleted. Based on the backlinks of the home
page it might even be a new scheme.

this looks like the list of sites participating in the scheme -

This might be the sort of place they put your links-

This one is for this site http://www.retiredladies.com/ PR0

Their post at
http://www.powerlinks.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=12&get=last is a
little worrying.

Up since April, lots of link schemes, PR0.

Get access to their forums for free here

I'd also say based on the PR of http://www.powerlinks.com (just 5) the
link exchange isn't exactly doing that well for it's participants! PR5
is pathetic for a site like this, it should be PR7 or PR8 if it's a
"good" link farm due to all the great quality links :-)

If you still plan to use this site at least checkout the PR and SERPs
for sites on this set of pages http://www.powerlinks.com/links.asp if
they aren't doing well expect the same.

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http://www.search-engine-optimization-services.co.uk /

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Re: PowerLinks - PR Transfer

Hello Dave.
You make some valid point that had slipped by my unexperienced eyes.
Taking a second (or is it a 7th look) but this time looking at different
things, I can see what you mean.
Thanks for saving me some $$$ and possibly a ban in a few months time.
Think I'll just stick to searching for places that will link to me, and see
how I go.

Quick question.
Reciprocal links as apposed to one way inbound links.
are they all that much different with regards to the amount of PR they
Finding that just about everyone (except directories) insists on reciprocal
I don't mind, as some have higher PR than me, but I was just wondering...

Thanks...  Philip Middleton
wannabe SEO - one day.

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Re: PowerLinks - PR Transfer

On Fri, 20 Aug 2004 00:53:05 +0800, "Philip" <philip@_remove
this_msmaustralia.com.au> wrote:

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No problem, see a lot of those types of sites popping up, generally
they are to be avoided.

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Most likely very slowly.

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Of course there is a difference. If for every link you get you have to
send one back the amount of PR you'll gain from this is minimal or you
might even loose PR.

If your main aim from reciprocal linking is PR then you would want to
limit the amount of PR you give out relative to what you take in.

A basic way of looking at this is a link from

PR3 is equal to 7 PR2 links
PR4 is equal to 7 PR3 links
PR5 is equal to 7 PR4 links
PR6 is equal to 7 PR5 links
PR7 is equal to 7 PR6 links
PR8 is equal to 7 PR7 links

This is based on a base of 7 for the difference of PR points (most
believe it's between 6 and 8) and the number of links from each page
is the same and the PR value is that for an average PRX page (remember
a high PR6 page could be worth 7 times more than a low PR6 page).

So to take the number of links from a page into account do a simple
calculation like this.

Covert the PR of the page linking to yours to PR Points.

PR1 =           1 points
PR2 =           7 points
PR3 =         49 points
PR4 =       343 points
PR5 =     2401 points
PR6 =   16807 points
PR7 = 117649 points
PR8 = 823543 points

Divide this number of PR points by the number links from the page.

Do this calculation for the page that your link will be on and for the
page the link you'll be sending and compare.

If the page linking to you has a higher number than the page you are
linking from you'll gain PR.

For example.

If you had a PR4 page with 5 links from it and you wanted to trade
links with a PR5 page with 25 links from it the above will tell you
who got the best deal.

Your page PR4 = 343 points divided by 5 links = 68.6 points sent out.
Their page PR5 = 2401 points divided by 25 links = 96.04 points sent

So in this case you'd get more PR.

Change that to 50 links from the PR5 page and you only get 48.02
points and so not such a good deal.

The problem with the above method is that the PR reported on the
Google Toolbar is far from accurate. The difference between two PR6
pages can be 6 or 7 fold, so the above calculation is a very, very
rough guide.

At least it will give you a rough idea of what the net effect is
likely to be.

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Directories that ask for a link tend to want a home page link where
you most likely have most PR. In return you might get a PR3 link back,
not exactly fair!

If all reciprocal links was fair no one who relied on reciprocal links
would increase their PR since what you sent out you get back. It isn't
fair, so if you know what you are doing you can gain more PR. Unless
you find some very high PR pages to trade with you aren't going to get
much PR that way.

Personally I don't do reciprocal links for PR, I do it to get my links
out there and for anchor text. I don't have a problem sending a site
more PR than I get as long as the site I'm linking with is willing to
give me good anchor text, is a high quality site (IMO) and not likely
to do something stupid like hidden links or other SEO techniques that
are frowned upon by Google and other engines!

I setup a site wide link exchange with one of the regulars here. They
had a PR5 home page and plenty of pages. I had a new small site with
no PR, but knew the home page would be PR6 when indexed (turned out to
be PR7) since I'd add lots of PR6 links to it. PR wise I got the worse
deal, but I got some good anchor text from a related site that I think
will become quite popular in the future. Also the link fits very well
with my site design since it's linking to something I've wanted to do
for ages, but not had the time (so it offers something to my
visitors). So we both got a good deal.

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http://www.search-engine-optimization-services.co.uk /

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Re: PowerLinks - PR Transfer

Thanks for the detailed reply.
I remember seeing a post simular to this from you about a month or so ago,
but didnt really understand it.
Now, with a little more "Trial and error" (cant really call it experiance)
under my belt, I'm starting to understand these things a little better.

Heres hoping I can get a proper handle on it soon....  Philip Middleton
MSM Supplies Australia.

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Re: PowerLinks

The power linking scheme that looks hopeful right now is BriteCorp:

http://www.britecorp.co.uk/search-engine-optimisation/link-building /

Brian at BriteCorp seems like a pretty sharp SEO.

Webmaster: http://www.internet-search-engines-faq.com  

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