Popular Enterprises v. VeriSign, Inc. Case CASE #: 03-CV-1352

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I have placed the docket and complaint online for the $100 million antitrust
suit by Netster's parent company (Popular Enterprises) against VeriSign, Inc.
for their latest stunt of hijacking unclaimed domains here:

I have converted the suit from the obnoxious format the United States District
Court for the Middle District of Florida uses into a more accessible PDF.

I may include further updates at http://buttersquash.net/archives/000058.php

The suit in plain text is here:
Home of the Buttersquash Conspiracy http://buttersquash.net

Re: Popular Enterprises v. VeriSign, Inc. Case CASE #: 03-CV-1352

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Interesting.  Since the complaint does so much detailed explaining I'm
sure at least some folks will notice that error message they get when they
type in a non-existent or inactive domain name is quite different from the 404
Page Not Found error that they get when the domain exists and is active
but the requested page is wrong.  As I understand it "The page cannot be
displayed." and "Cannot find server or DNS error" is an I.E. specific
error message.  Is "Cannot find server or DNS error" really a "404
- Page connot be found" error message?

I tried to two variations (existing domain, non-existent page) vs.  
non-existent domain) in Lynx. For the existing domain, non-existent page I
got what is clearly a 404- error.  I got the VeriSign page that the
complaint speaks of for the non-existent domain.  I did not get the
VeriSign page when using I.E.

Diane Blackman  

Re: Popular Enterprises v. VeriSign, Inc. Case CASE #: 03-CV-1352

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I saw this behavior for just one day, now it's back to normal.
There must have been an incredible number of complaints.  And
speaking of InterNIC/ICANN:

Never noticed the "Results for .com, .net, and .org are provided
courtesy of Verisign Global Registry Services" before.  Is it new?


Re: Popular Enterprises v. VeriSign, Inc. Case CASE #: 03-CV-1352

On 20 Sep 2003 18:43:18 GMT, TOTE@dog-play.com wrote:

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Verisign is causing problems beyond just web-browsing. Here's an
example from another group:

::>On Sat, 20 Sep 2003 20:45:58 GMT, Daniel Rudy

::>Somewhere around the time of 09/20/2003 08:03, the world stopped and
::>listened as Stephen Montgomery-Smith contributed this to humanity:
::>> Daniel Rudy wrote:
::>>>I noticed this problem on monday.  I cannot print from FreeBSD to the
::>>>Win2K print server.  The jobs stay in queue for a few minutes then
::>>>timeout.  I also noticed that about the same time, my email and DNS
::>>>servers went nuts.  After some investigation, I have found that no
::>>>matter what domain name I put in, it resolves here:
::>>>http://sitefinder.verisign.com /.
::>> I am not so knowledgable in local area networks, so I am curious as to how
::>> Verisign's use of wildcard .com and .net domain names could mess up your print
::>> server and email in this manner.
::>Because apparently Win2K does a DNS lookup before it looks to it's
::>internal hosts file.  Because now all domain names resolve, all the
::>print jobs are being sent to Verisign instead of the printer.  I was
::>informed that there was a delegation-only patch for Win2K provided by
::>Microsoft.  The patch has been installed so now at least clients can
::>print.  Thanks a lot Verisign.  :/
::>As for the email, it seems that there's alot of incoming spam and when
::>all top level .com and .net names became resolvable, instead of
::>rejecting non-existant sender domains, it's accepting them.  Then
::>because there is no account for the specified recipient, my email server
::>sends a bounce message back.  But wait, the bounce goes back to
::>Verisign, and they have an active SMTP server listen on port 25 that
::>bounces all messages causing my mail server to retry it over the next
::>few days, wasting processor time, disk space, and bandwidth.  Once
::>again, thanks a lot Verisign.  :/
::>Diane Blackman  

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