plz help: "Web Forwarding" vs 301 vs "DNS A Record"

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I have 3 websites, only one of which I use. With the unused websites,
which of the following is best:

a.) use an .htaccess 301 redirect to my main site
b.) use, "web forwarding" to my main site
c.) make the DNS "A-Record" point to the numeric IP of my main site

I've read that "301 redirects," are fine. I have found out that when I
use "web forwarding," I get a "302 redirect," and I have found that
changing the DNS "A-Record" makes the unused site pretty much "equal" my
main site.

If changing the DNS "A RECORD" is every bit as fine and acceptable as an
.htaccess 301 redirect, I'd like to do that, because one of my 3 sites
is not hosted  (obviously need a webhost to upload an .htaccess file

Opinions would be most gratefully appreciated.

Thank  you.

p.s. if anyone wonders why I have 3 websites, it is because I bought a 3
year package of .com, .org, and .net domains, and there doesn't seem to
be any sense in having the .org, and .net point to an, "Under
Construction," page.

Re: plz help: "Web Forwarding" vs 301 vs "DNS A Record"

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This google reccomends and it is fairly easy to do for most
people via .htaccess.

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I think this would be a google no no.

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A DNS change just gets the packet headed to the correct physical
interface via an IP address and eventually ARP i.e. ethernet.
Once at the server it then has to do directory look up via the
web server such as doing virtual hosting with apache. So if you
make a 2nd domain point to the same IP and the same directory
as the first then I would assume it is the same. I'm writing and
thinking here... So to google it could be seperate domains
on the same IP with identical content ??? Or does google ignore
the domain and base just on the IP address ??  Can't imagine that
is true.  I'm thinking you might, I stress might cause I don't
really know, but you might run into a duplicate penalty.


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