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I have just received this e-mail from someone.  I have a language
translation site with PR7-PR6-PR5 pages.  This person is referring to his
software downloads website.  Here is his suggestion:
i have a new site ( three weeks )  with over 30.000 indexed documents [URL
of this "free computer software downloads" website] and i'm waiting for
indexing by google next 100.000 documents.  i have linked this page from
some pages with PR 5, PR6 and PR7 so i'm waiting for PR5 at least on the
next PageRank Update if You want to swap links add my link: [link info] and
i'll put Your link at all of my documents i'm looking for links PR5+, if You
give me
link PR5+ i will give You additional link at my another site with 31.000
documents (i'm waiting for indexing next 120.000 documents) about 100 links
PR3, 10.000 PR2 and 20.000 PR1 (there will be PR5 at next PR update too)

so.. i can give 60.000 links now (over 200.000 after indexing all) for one
link PR5+  Email me if You are interested in it [e-mail

I haven't heard anything like that before...  What's your take on this?
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. -- Mark.

Re: Pls Help Me Understand This

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What are his "documents" like? Are they spammy in any way? Google does
not like it when we link to bad neighborhoods.


Re: Pls Help Me Understand This

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This is just a software download site, and I do not see anything
compromising about it.  I was just trying to understand his reasons -- he is
willing to receive just one PR5+ link and give away thousands of lower PR
links in return.  Also: if Google (or any other search engine) sees such a
gigantic jump in the number of links pointing to my site, they might think I
bought them or something, I am afraid. --Thanks.

Re: Pls Help Me Understand This

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Re: Pls Help Me Understand This

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 21:31:11 GMT, "Mark Shell"

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I have sites with similar numbers of pages (more actually) and I
wouldn't link to one of my own pages with that number of pages in one
go because Google can severely penalize a site with so many new links.

I got hit with this with a new URL, so not tried it with an existing
site with good number of links already so for an existing established
site you might be OK.

If what the person says is true and these are good content sites
(stuff people will visit, not a bunch of NG mirrors or directories)
you would be getting a great deal for one PR5 link! If it's related to
your site this would be worth doing for the click through visitors
(they could easily have over 10,000 visitors a day).

You might want to check they aren't using any techniques (like
rel="nofollow") to prevent benefit transfer as well. Also check there
aren't too many links from every page, if every page has 200 links
from them, you'll only get 1/200th of the benefit.

I don't know why anyone would offer this linking deal, if all the home
pages of the sites linking to yours are no more than PR5 then they
might over all gain more PR than they loose (unlikely though). If all
the home pages are PR4 then in PR terms they get more PR than you do.
If they asked for a PR6 link for all the above I could understand the
logic, but PR5 isn't enough to make it worth their while.

Assuming it's legit I would take the offer if it wasn't for the
potential Google penalty. You could ask them to add your links slowly
over the next 6 months. Will probably be a footer type link, so you
won't be able to have X number of links from a site with Y pages, but
you can have them add one site at a time rather than all at once.

I think I've clicked on to the spin. Are these all new site with no PR

If so you and anyone else linking to the site will be feeding it the
PR to get it started. The "i have linked this page from some pages
with PR 5, PR6 and PR7 so i'm waiting for PR5 at least" suggests this,
the links could be from other link partners.

That's not a bad idea (for them, not you), give a bunch of webmasters
with high PR pages a bunch of site wide links from new sites they gave
the PR to in the first place. They benefit a load, some of the link
partners (the ones giving highest PR links) loose out.

Even if the original seed PR (the PR7 etc...) is from their own pages,
when you and others link in they can remove the seed links and let you
keep the site going with your PR.

If it is this, it still could be a good deal IF they have managed to
obtain some high PR links from other webmasters. So if they have got a
PR7 link (that won't be moved later) the home page could be PR6 and so
this still could be a good deal for you.

Backlinks just updated, so if they are telling the truth you'll be
able to find the backlinks and estimate the PR next update. Also check
Yahoo for backlinks.

Very smart if they are doing what I think they are doing.

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