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My site has been active on the internet since 1998. Started as a
member site on AOL and for the last 4 years have had my own domain and
web host. I sell a few software products with a page or 2 for each as
well as a main "products" page. Traffic has been reasonably steady
over the years resulting in sales. Until the past few months. Traffic
has fallen badly. I realize this is because my pages are not optimized
for the search engines.  Keywords, meta tags and all that stuff.  The
pages are also very plain. Text only.  I would like to keep it this
way as a lot of potential  customers have very low speed connections
to the internet. I've spent a few days reading all sorts of articles
on optimization and basically have only confused myself.  Would you
kindly recommend a web design company that:
- can put in the appropriate keywords, meta tags, etc. in my pages in
order I have a chance to be indexed by the major search engines
- fancy up the pages a bit
I'm thinking about 7 pages in all.
Of course I am willing to pay for this service.


Re: Please recommend a web designer

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This probably isn't the best place to ask for an unbiased recommendation, plus
everyone has different expectations of price and level of service. If you want
somebody who really knows their stuff, normally the best advice would be to
Google for web design + your region, or search engine optimisation + your
region. Then find someone whose own site is attractive and usable, because that
should be their showcase.

However, you should watch out for search engine spammers who have got to the
top of results through dodgy methods. Look for hidden text on their pages which
shows up when you highlight everything or view source. Does Google's cached
page of the domain look entirely different to the page you see when you click
the regular link? If so, this is evidence of cloaking and a bad sign.

Alice Woolley /
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Re: Please recommend a web designer


We would be happy to look at your project for you, free consulting and
estimate. You can review our work at
and our services at . We also have a
search engine optimization results page at that you can review. Hope to hear from
you soon.

Re: Please recommend a web designer

...> that you can review.

No we can't. It's password protected

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Re: Please recommend a web designer

Colin Wilson wrote:
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Is it? Must've missed that. From the head ...

<META NAME="author" CONTENT="Auxic Web Design">
<META NAME="revisit-after" CONTENT="30 days">
<META NAME="classification" CONTENT="Seattle Washington Web Design">

From the body ...

<IMG SRC="image/spacer.gif" BORDER="0" WIDTH="480" HEIGHT="1"><BR>
<IMG SRC="image/spacer.gif" BORDER="0" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="5"><BR>

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