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When it comes to SEO, I am complete newbie who has read and read and only
partially absorbed what he has read. I would greatly appreciate your input
in helping me first get noticed by SE's and second climb up the rankings. I
recently worked on my index page.
Thanks for your assistance,

Re: Please evaluate my site

you need to read 's articles imho.
I read it all and went straight to the top for my target phrases.

at a glance, your navigation button text can't be read by spiders.
In my experience plural words are not the best to target.

If I wanted to commission someone to organise my next meeting I'd search for
something like:

"corporate meeting organisor" or "meeting organisation firm"

I only want 1 meeting, so I'd search for singular.

so target blue widget instead of blue widgets :) Thats purely my preference
based on experience.

Re: Please evaluate my site

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In most markets, I have found the majority of searchers use plurals
(presumably because they are looking for several options to compare, even
if they only want to pick one).  

Victoria Clare

Clare Associates Ltd /
01822 835802

Re: Please evaluate my site

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1.  Use a valid DTD
2.  Don't use FrontPage
3.  Get rid of the JS menu.  You can do a text menu, including rollovers,
with CSR
4.  Focus your title tag on your keywords, not your business name
5.  Use CSR instead of font tags and tables.  Gets rid of code bloat.
6.  Links should have your keywords as anchor text
7. Start getting inbound links

John Merrell
Gateway Farm Alpacas
Fashioning the Future

Re: Please evaluate my site

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003 18:37:47 -0700, "Gateway Farm Alpacas"

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I think he means CSS not CSR :-))


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