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i want to attract visitors to my site in certain european countries -
latvia, lithuania, romania, bulgaria, belgium, holland, uk.

now, the question i'd like answered is whether a .com or a .net domain is
going to have a negative effect on people searching in these countries.

the alternative is to buy up all the local domains, have several mirror
sites that all need hosting plans and spend a lot of money.

can anyone help?

yours,  neil

Neil Train
Director, PPI
tel: +32 93307233 - GSM: +32 476 206152
Jeanne Vignery Straat 18
9040 Gent, Belgium

Re: placement in other countries

Neil Train, PPI wrote:
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there should be no major problem with a .com, especially
if you have parts of the site translated into the local
languages...however there are some local search engines
that require local language and/or local hosting

for the UK and Belgium a .com will be fine

for Holland you may need to have at least some
significant Dutch content in order to get listed by which is a well used SE/ theory you
also require a .nl domain IIRC

most of my experience targeting Eastern Europe has been
with Poland, Serbia and Hungary...but I've had reasonable
results from the Baltic states on a .org in English,
Russian and again you should be OK

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