Ping Bill and others effected by Jagger

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To all those who are effected by Jagger I've just found
a pattern, see if it the same for you.

I have a site which is effected,
it is about a 1,000 page site but split in to about 20
main sub-sections.
All the sub-sections had a main page which was the most
optimised and from that page there were other pages
optimised more for individual products related to
the main-sub page.
These ranged from 10 pages for the small sections to 200
for the bigger.

I have just sat here and searched for the main products
1 by 1 and 10 times out of 10 a secondary page is returned
before the main page.
They are usually appearing around about page 3 or 4 of
the serps, which is about where I would expect them to be.
Also, 7 times out of the 10 the main page was indented.

It looks very much to me as though the main page have
either been filtered somehow or are suffering due to over
optimisation, whether this is on-page or off-page I don't
know yet.

Re: Ping Bill and others effected by Jagger

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At this point in time the subject may very well be moot considering the
length of time which has
passed already........'don't you think?

There are many who might venture to think (like myself) that another update
is onhand very soon.

We can beat our heads upon the rock 'till there's no tomorrow to figure out
why and how and for what purpose Jagger existed but that's all in the past

Need I say more?

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