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I know this question gets asked again and again, but we are on the verge of
redoing our corporate site. We are going to use a small content management
system that has been written in Perl, and will produce cgi pages (right??).
However, I have been reading and I think that PHP produced web pages are
ranked better by the search engines. Can anybody help? Or if SE results are
so important to us, should I stick to flat html stuff? ASP / Microsoft stuff
is not an option at this time.


Re: PHP vs Perl

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I doubt that pages would be ranked any better just because they are PHP.
Besides, you can use rewriting to make scripts look like plain old html to
the search engines.  I use perl with no apparent problems with ranking.


Re: PHP vs Perl

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PHP is similar to Perl but easier for non-programmers to use.  You
don't have to write as much code. But, sometimes you lack the
flexibility you can get with Perl. Unless you really need to do
unusual stuff, I'd probably stick with PHP, but because you are
picking up something already written in Perl, I wouldn't sweat it.

To the search engines, you can completely mask what you use to
generate web pages. Sounds like you are using Apache, so you can use
something called mod_rewrite to modify the URL to map it to whatever
scripting lauguage (Perl or PHP) you use.


Re: PHP vs Perl


I don't think it matters what you use.  The key is to have a high
quality, content rich site that makes webmasters want to link to you
and visitors want to come back and visit again and again.  Focus on
these two objectives and you will be find regardless of what script
you use.  You should use the one that is easiest for you.

Good Luck!!

Kim Lauren
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Re: PHP vs Perl

Thank you all for your replies.
Perl it is then.

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