Phantom URL'S and Pages

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Check this out:

That site has thousands of urls like that one above listed at Google as
if they had thousands of real internal pages but all they are is phantom
fake url addresses. Google is counting all of them as backlinks. All the
phantom urls go to this real page: but
every phantom url address has a different site title when you click on
the link. That's the part that puzzles me and I can't figure out how
they are able to give different page title (meta titles) for each
phantom url you click on as if they were all real pages they uploaded
but they're not, just url addresses. Does anyone know how they're doing
that? Anybody can create a list of thousands of phantom urls, that part
is easy, but giving each url a different page title (meta title) is
something else and I'd sure like to know how they're doing that? This
site is on page 1 number 8 of the 'cigarettes' serp which is a tough
serp to rank high at so whatever they're doing works! It sure beats
having to create thousands of real pages and uploading them all. Google
counts all they're urla as if they were real pages they uploaded. Talk
about blackhat seo!

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