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"Concern about how paid inclusion data affected its search engine's
relevance led Ask Jeeves to drop its Index Express XML feed program.
The company also says the initiative wasn't paying off as expected.

"When I say it impacted relevance," said Jim Lanzone, vice president
of product management at Ask Jeeves, "I mean both good and bad.
Sometimes [something ranked] better than it should have ranked,
sometimes worse."

The company introduced its paid inclusion services in June 2002, but
says it's since come to the conclusion it's virtually impossible to
merge structured data, such as that in XML feeds, with the
unstructured data that comes from crawling the Web.

"It is difficult for the algorithm to understand types of information
it's not used to. When we put this information in, the results
sometimes showed up in the wrong place," said Paul Gardi, SVP of
operations and strategic planning at Ask Jeeves."

I summary, i believe that Yahoo will soon be forced to follow the lead
of Ask Jeeves and do away with their XML PFI program. The only reason
they have gotten away with it for this long is because people do not
understand how the technology is really working and causing the
results to be affected.


What I find quite interesting is how the charts do not lie.
Taking a look at the AskJeeves chart (NASDAQ:ASKJ) and its monumental
move this morning, you can see with clear direction that this sector
is consolidating.

I would have though this paid inclusion thing and pay per click
revenue model would have caused a stir but not at this magnitude, it
is like 1997 all over again.

YHOO makes it's PFI move while ASKJ takes theirs away. Google sits
tight thinking the YHOO move in PFI is a bad test program.

Now you have the Yahoo inclusion program readying the use of
Viewpoints (NASDAQ:VWPT) tool-bar for better results and a better user
exp. All these companies have huge potential; this is shown in the way
they are bahaving for their investors.

Is it smart what YHOO is doing? I really do feel that it is not but
this is just my opinion, they really need to put out some press to
clear this all up, I think they want to see all of our reactions first
thus the delay of clarification. It's like serious free feedback from
the webmasters community.

You have to wonder which guy will produce a failure in this
ground-breaking search environment that mimics the fall of the
Netscape browser...

It depends who's side you are on, Is Yahoo right or is Askjeeves
wrong, my vote is with Askjeeves and not Yahoo as I think a good user
exp is the best way to tweak a search engine.

It is very clear to me (In my opinion) that Yahoo is using the broad
scale approach and trying to earn more revenue by trying to persuade
users to get use to pay for inclusion/pay per click combined while
Askjeeves thinks a happy surfer is from a better engine algorhtym. I
trust Akjeeves more.

Re: PFI ----Ask Jeeves vs Yahoo


This is sooo simple.

Search from the users perspective must be kept free and fluid, a culmination
and subsequent presentation of knowledge, not data.

As I mentioned in this Business Week article a few months ago, paid
inclusion dilutes the relevancy and decreases the user-satisfaction quotient
in search...EVERY TIME...BAR NONE.

While I appreciate the search engines and portals efforts to eek a buck from
their efforts, search is the wrong place to look...PERIOD.

These are words to live by, not just a complaint from the wilderness.

Search engines and directories MUST find alternative paths to profitability
that do not affect the purity of search (yes, I know search is no where near
pure...but hang in there for a while).  SE's are attempting to bring in the
buck on the backs of the searchers and searchers are turning from those
efforts in droves.

Witness AllTheWeb...once the stalwart of the search engines, no a pathetic
shell of its former self.

We will continue to stand on the sidelines and watch these behemoths slowly
dance their death knell due to lack of creativity, vision and consumer

I have no doubt, someone small who currently "gets it" will step forward and
take over from these "giants" just as Google did a few years ago.

These companies are trapped by their own successes and have all become
self-feeding financial toilets..discarding the creativity and innovation
that got them to where they are.

Can I get an Amen?

James Taylor

Re: PFI ----Ask Jeeves vs Yahoo

I think that Ask Jeeves is taking a long-term view of the search
market.  By keeping their listings objective, it should overtime,
enable them to generate higher quality search results and hopefully
attract more loyal users.

I think Ask Jeeves taking a longer term view of the market versus
doing a cash grab is refreshing!!

Karl Hall
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