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I run this site: and it seems like MSN Search has penalized
the site. It's *way* down in the search index and the title and the description
is just the URL, nothing else. I'm in the top 10 on most other search
engines and the site is relatively popular and has a reasonable amount
of inbound links.

Can anyone please tell me what might have caused the penalties on
MSN Search, but not other search engines? Is the keyword density too
high? Main keyword is plugin(s).

Each page on the site has the same title. But is that really a reason for

The HTML is not perfect, but it's not worse than other sites in general.

I've read the "Site owner page" on MSN Search:
but couldn't find any advice.


Re: Penalties on MSN Search

noone wrote:
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Make the title correct for each page, similarly the description and
keywords.  Such things need to match the content correctly.  Don't spam and
don't make mistakes.  Write the title, description and keywords so they
match and relate only to the novel meaningful content of the pages

You may have heard that search engines don't take much positive account of
such things but they do read them and it is good way of getting rid of pages
where people don't take the trouble to get it right.   It would not be
unreasonable to mark down, to some degree, any page where the headers
doesn't match the content.  "The page appears to be trying to mislead the
serach engines."

There are many many factors in search engine selection of good pages, so you
may be suffering slightly from several minor penalties which add together.

I'm a bit concerned about what appears to be duplicated content in the side
columns - those repetitive columns count would as spam in my analysis and
make all the pages look rather similar.   They might be better deleted or
put as images so search engines can't read them.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Penalties on MSN Search

I don't think the problem is keyword density. Our site has a pretty high
keyword density, but MSN - unbelievably, and to our delight - ranks our site
#1 for most of our keywords, less than a month after the site went online.
(It isn't even finished yet.) So they don't seem to mind keyword
repetition - it must be something else.

I wish I could offer more insight ~
cheers ~

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Re: Penalties on MSN Search

Quoted text here. Click to load it

OK. I think Eric caught the problem in his post. Thanks anyway Denise.


Re: Penalties on MSN Search

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I will.

Hmm, darn, you might be right. I've used a table instead of frames. So there's
duplicate content on each sub page. Maybe I should use frames instead? Is there
any search engine which has problems with frames? Do they read all the pages for
sites which are using frames? I don't think it should matter, but better safe than
to ask you guys. I think I'll redo the site and use frames instead. Same content
So it's no problem with frames then, from a search engine point of view?


Keyword density article

I don't think the repeated content should be a problem because all
sites will have that for global nav, footers, etc., right?

Further to the discussion above about keyword density, I just read an
interesting article about this called something like "Keyword Density
Nonsense" --- went against everything I've ever read before.  There is
a link in the 6/08/05 post on .  Curious to
hear other folks' reactions.

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