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There really is a total lack of imagination with the people in this
newsgroup I must say. Imagination and being observant are two character
traits that make a good SEO. You have to look at what successful sites
are doing and do the same thing yourself and you also have to think a
lot about things and try experimenting with different things. That's
what makes a good SEO.

I can not believe that not one single person from this group ever
wondered why or how both pcpages.com site I had got to page one of phone
sex and page two of classic literature with so few backlinks and in such
a short time and with no pagerank. Not one of you ever wondered how that
could happen or even asked me? I really hate to say it but I do have to
wonder about all of you and where you were all hiding the day they
handed out brains. Sorry to be insulting but I just can't help it in
this case and it's well justified.

Did any of you ever stop and ask yourself why I used pcpages.com for
those two sites? There are tons of other free hosts that don't have
those horrible pop-up ads and extremely slow server that constantly goes
out as pcpages does. Why wouldn't I use someone like angelfire for
example or geocities who both have much better and faster servers than
pcpages does? Never asked that, never gave it a thought did you. For
that matter why didn't I just go get a real domain name to use for those
two sites since domains and hosting are as cheap as dirt today? Never
asked that either I'll bet.

Well here's the answer: If I used my own domain or another free host
like angelfire those two sites would never have shown up anywhere doing
the same exact postings for them as I did for the pcpages sites.

Well you might ask me: "Sam how come the pcpages sites get this super
boost in the serps then, what's so magical about them?". Probably you
still wouldn't ask that, you'd rather all sit around debating the ethics
of SEO instead and moan and groan how unfair google is to your sites but
that's beside the point. The magic of pcpages and all other
freehomepages.com sites (freehomepages owns pcpages and lot so ithers
too like dazzled.com, megaone.com ect). Anyway the magic of them can be
seen in View/Source on your pc if you know how to use it or what I'm
even talking about and my guess is half of you don't or are too lazy to
use it. But I'll tell you anyway so all you lazy people won't have to
move around too much as that would be work. They use quite a few
javascript codes that use .php file extensions if you look carefully and
one of those codes is what gives them the boost. The code is the one
that works the pop-ups and it's not the code itself that is going to
make it work since if you copy the code and stick it on your own sites
nothing will happen except that your site will get a pop-up ad for no
reason with nothing to gain from it. You would have to go to the company
that does the pop-up ads for freehomepages and sign up for an account
with them and it's not free and quite expensive plus your site will have
pop-up ads. But there's something in their pop-up code and it may be on
the company who does the ads end and not on pcpages end that super
manipulates the google serps and can make any pcpages site zoom super
high up at any of the google serps in practically no time with hardly
doing any backlinks for it. As I said the same exact backlinks I used
for those two pcpages sites I've done at my own sites and other free
sites and those pages are in oblivion. There's your answer that you
should have asked the question about. That's how I know that Dave is not
a good SEO. He never asked, was not interested when I hinted about it
and believe me when he reads this will still refuse to believe it and
his response will be "don't confuse me with the facts". The facts being
that both pcpages sites came up super high in about two weeks with
hardly any backlinks and both sites having no pr. Again I've done the
same backlinks and a lot more with other free hosts over the years like
angelfire, geocities and on and on and those sites went nowhere. But
Dave will still refuse to see what's so plainly right before his eyes
and say "don't confuse me with the facts". Nothing like an open minded
SEO who likes to try new things. Unfortunately Dave likes yesterdays SEO
and the only seo he knows about is pagerank and onpage coding and making
internal pages for anchor text. That's his idea of all there is to know
about seo.

Last thing before I vamoose. There are tons of other free hosted sites
out there right now that also know how to manipulate the google serps
just as good as pcpages. They all have pop-up php codes so you'll be
trading horrible pop-up ads for high google listing in no time flat. Be
forewarned though that when google realizes that a free host is doing
this they ban the free host along with your site. Such an example is the
now fairly defunct www.xanga.com who have been pretty much banned by
Google. I had two xanga phone sex blogs on page one until they both got
banned and had a couple high up in ringtones and free ringtones.

ps-I've already taken the liberty of contacting google all about
freehomepages.com (pcpages) manipulating the google serps and so they
will joining xanga soon. As I said in another post nobody fmo's me and
lives to tell the tale. I'm rather revengful so I suggest no one cross
me but I'm also extremely generous to my friends and allies. I think
Sinatra was that way too so I'm in good company.

Until next time boys and girls don't take any wooden backlinks.

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)


Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004 11:10:38 GMT, SEO Dave

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If anyone is interested Sam's next big thing will be redirection
services where you use a free redirection service like cbj.net to have
a shorter URL for free home pages etc...

Some of the better ones http://isCool.net give code like this-

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Frameset//EN">
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">
window.open("http://isCool.net/promo/popup.php ",
<TITLE>Keyword Phrase</TITLE>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Keyword Phrase">
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Keyword Phrase">
<FRAME SRC="http://www.yourverylongurl.com " NAME="iscool2">
<A HREF="http://www.yourverylongurl.com ">Enter Keyword

Everything about the page says "Keyword Phrase".

In a sense it's a poor mans cloaking :-))

Spiders see the above rather than your real content. You can have as
many of these redirection URLs as you can manage to signup, so for a
single page on a site you can have say 20 entry points using one
specific phrase with some of the URL matching the phrase.

Combining this with link spamming you have an effective means to get
your site in Google.

I tested this out last year with some very interesting results.

Unlike Sam's other hair brained ideas this has merit.

Unfortunately there are a few holes you can fall into, will be
interesting to see how Sam copes with them long term.

Here's what Sam is working on now-


Also Sam thinks he has found hundreds of PR7 pages (how's your Russian
Sam), but he hasn't. Just realised what he has done and it's very,
very funny. I made a similar mistake when I was new to SEO, thought I
was going to get a PR8 site over night :-)

http://www.search-engine-optimization-services.co.uk /

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

SEO Dave wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Was working was Dave, the word is 'was' as even I couldn't get that sub
listed any closer than page 2 bottom at classic literature now with what
I've done there the other day. You poor bastard you still haven't
figured out what I've done to you that get your site knocked down to
page 3 or page 4 have you? You'll kick yourself when you do figure it
out and I know what your reaction will be and just what you'll do about
it too. But it won't do you any good when you do it and I'm not going to
tell you why it won't work for you because I want you to go through all
the work of doing it first before I tell you.

And yes the tux.nu subdomains work just as good, even better actualy
then pcpages do getting a super boost at google right now that is. You
see my boy this is what you do not understand about google: Subs and
pcpages work now since the algo change that actually started back in May
away from Florida and has been steadily growing stronger towards
commercial sites algo same algo as this time last year. But 6 months ago
those pcpages and subs would be in oblivion because those sites won't
work with the florida informational algo and that will be true again by
nov/dec sometime. When I said I could beat you at classic lit with a pr0
site I said it because I knew about pcpages and other sites just like it
that use a pop-up .php javascript account they have with certain
companies that have found a flaw in google's algo that they can
manipulate or do you think google is in on it and gets paid off? I've
often wondered about that? Is google on the take or are they just
incompetant? That would make a good thread.

It's just as I said kids Dave will be in denial and say "don't confuse
me with the facts" "I'm super Dave SEO of the 90's!" "I know all". But
he can't answer one simple question which is this:

Two free hosted sites have the exact same backlinks and same subject
matter with same on page coding but one site goes to page one in two
weeks that has javscript .php pop-up ads and the other which is ad free
is in oblivion. Let's not confuse Dave with the facts his brain might

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

OK, Sam,

Explain why you think those pop up codes help the pages. I am curious. I
would like to hear the complicated factor of it. How it fits into the algo
and such. I like to know why things happen. I mean you are still insisting
that those sites were straight and no PR. It is wrong, you had loads of
links going to it. The PR was just held on it and not shown yet. Google
takes time showing PR. The sites are not like starting with a fresh unheard
of domain because they are a subdomain.

Anyway, I would like to know how you come to this conclusion. Because the
bbs forum was right up with the pcpage. So, the idea of the JavaScript
causing it doesn't fit in.

But like I said I would like to hear the technical side of this. Please
explain further as you have got my interest now.


Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

Stacey wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

First off the pcpages site was brand new. I had signed up for the site
for the purpose of making a site for classic literature and had never
used it before for anything else. The backlinks for that site from the
postings I did were for that site and so they were brand new postings
and backlinks and backlinks left around from a site that was previosly
there from before. When you sign up with a free host for a free website
the site is exactly the same as a real domain as far backlinks and
pagerank go. You have '0' of both until you go out and get them
yourself. Free hosted websites don't come equipped with pr and backlinks
trust me. If they did everybody would be using them. You are under some
false assumption that I had this free hosted site that had been around
for a while that had pr and backlinks and that was not the case. That
sites was only about one month old by the time it got deleted by pcpages
and I specifically got it for my classic literature site.

Now onward to why and how that javascrip pop-up .php code works. I
haven't the faintest idea of why or how it works and if I did I would
use it at my real domain sites believe me. I just know that it does work
and that's not speculation but a fact. The same time that I did the
pcpages site I also did 2 other sites, one at geocities and another at
angelfire also classic literature sites for that serp. I did the exact
same postings for all 3 sites and the angelfire and geocities sites got
nowhere and didn't even make it to number 1000 at the serp. I've used
pcpages and other sites they own in the past and even have a few others
on page one of their serp and most of those don't even have many
backlinks and they still got there and fast within a few weeks of
getting them indexed in google. It's not just freehomes.com but I know
of a bunch of other free hosted type of sites that use a similiar pop-up
javascript .php code and it's the same thing with them as well. I
believe it's the company that does the pop-up ads for them that are the
ones they know how to create a certain type of script that manipulates
the google algo. But the maipulation only works during certain algos
google runs like the present one now. pcpages got nowhere last february
and it wasn't until may they started to make their move up with this
present algo which actually started around may and has very gradually
taken the place of the florida algo. When the algo moves back towards
florida (I call it informational) then pcpages and those other sites
like the subdomains will not work and those sites will drop to oblivion.

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Actually, what I was saying Sam that a newly registered domains take longer
to get indexed in Google, or indexed well. And that these type of subdomain
homepages don't get sandboxed by those theories because the main domains are
indexed. I know they don't have PR and backlinks, but some of them do have
at least 1 link to the pages. Some of them have a search just searching the
members homepages and not the web. So, in theory there has to be a link
somewhere. And about a year and 1/2 ago or longer it seemed like angelfire
and geocites sites had a boost. I am not assuming that you had you pages for
awhile, just knowing that it isn't going to take as much time to get going
as a newly registered domain. I have seen the differences. I have also got a
new domain and I plan on testing with a freebie. They will have the same
backlinks and such. I just want to test my theories.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Angelfire/ Geocites sites seem to be having problems back and forth now with
Google. I think another free homepage is worth looking into to check. So, it
could have been a concidence. As, most of the angelfire sites now seem to be
well into the index and not on top.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I just don't understand pop up javascript doing this. It might have just
appeared to do it, but I believe you think it caused a difference. Maybe, a
little more testing can be made just to make sure. Maybe , it is triggering
it to think that the pop up is linking back to you and visa versa making a
huge loop hole and lots of backlinks. Don't know, I just can't see it. But,
thanks Sam for explaining.

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

Stacey wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Well that is probably true about a registered domain getting indexed
faster but it wouldn't give it this super boost in the serps. I've tried
angelfire/ geocities and other free hosts in the past that didn't have
the same .php pop-up code and none of them ever did anything different
then my real domain urls can do.
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well if it's not the pop-up code itself then what is it? If you can find
another more valid reason and back it up like the one you gave I'd sure
like to know about it so I can use it at my own domains.

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It sounds to me more like Google hating some sites than loving
PCpages. Most of these freehosts will put in a whole pile of crud for
the banner pushing your content further down the page, then put in
another pile of crud just to stop you deleting the first pile. Having
pop-ups rather than banners is always going to be better for SEO as
the spider will just skip over the code and ignore it.

If you want some real content for your feeder sites Sam, that will get
real links and cut down on your posting, email me (I think writing to
<dot>@mail .com would bounce). We can do a skills trade. Change the
domain in my address to btinternet.com .


Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I'm pretty sure you have misunderstood Stacey. I think she is trying
to point out there is a difference between trying to get a brand new
domain indexed and ranked well than trying to get a sub directory or
file from an existing domain.

The pcpages site you did was on an existing domain with PR and almost
6000 pages indexed. There are indications that it is easier/quicker to
get a new pages ranked well on an existing site than it is on a brand
new domain. Possibly a case of an existing site passes on some
credibility to new pages, if the other 6000 pages are OK there is a
good chance those new pages are, so lets not delay adding it to the
index (complete speculation of course).

So you have not taken a new domain and got new pages ranked well for
the SERP in question, what you have done is take a few new pages on an
existing and popular site and got them an OK rank. Oh and those pages
SERPs have been dropping ever since, sounds like a quick short term
boost for new pages rather than strong long term SEO.

BTW how does your filler page idea tie in with pcpages with 6000 pages
indexed? Maybe the special javascript PHP stuff saves them :-)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

No the pages were almost two months old, but the site is a lot older
since to Google pcpages is one site.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It would be a fact if you had evidence that could be verified or
experiments that can be repeated. What you have is a coincidence, just
like with blogspot blogs and their special CSS code (I still laugh
every time I type that) you talked about.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I have a pretty good idea why.

7280 pages found for classic literature at geocities sites.

 site:www.geocities.com classic literature

And 2360 for Angelfire.

 site:www.angelfire.com classic literature

Whilst it's just 4 for pcpages.

 site:www.pcpages.com classic literature

So since Google treats sites from these three domains as one site it's
not surprising you didn't get anywhere with the first two, there's
already plenty of pages indexed from those domains about the SERP.

Has that shakespeare site been removed from Google as well? Can't find
it, the phone sex one is still indexed, so looks like Google banned
that folder from pcpages!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The new algo that's coming is the super duper removing filler pages
algo that you've been telling me about, I have to watch out for my
sites getting removed. LOL.

Lets just pretend for a minute that the pcpages javascript does result
in a super boost to the pages SERPs. If this is the case how does that
make you a better SEO than I am (this is what you've been trying to
prove, unsuccessfully the last year)?

That's like saying here Dave you have a Robin Reliant and I'll have a
Ferrari and we can have a race to see who is the fastest driver!

So if you really believe the javascript is what resulted in the
initial SERPs and not your SEO skills (cough, linking spamming PR7
sites) the only way to prove you are better at SEO is to register a
new domain and get it ranked higher than mine.

If you are right about the code you are admitting you aren't better at
SEO, just the code is (or isn't since I've always been above
everything you've tried). If you are wrong about the code you've again
shown you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

You can't win on this one :-)

http://www.search-engine-optimization-services.co.uk /

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

SEO Dave wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I'm betting at SEO because I can see when things work and will use them
whereas you're stuck in 1990's SEO. You still think it's all pr and on
page coding and nothing else which is why you site is only number 7 at
classic lit. I could have had it to number one months ago if it were my

Apparently you don't really read other people's posts and what they say,
you write long windy ones yourself but don't read anybody elses. If you
had you clearly would have seen where I said I tried the same exact
postings for an angelfire and a geocities site and neither of those
sites went anywhere. Both angelfire and geocities domain have a hell of
a lot more pages indexed in google thanpcpages does so there goes your
theory. If all sites had the same exact amount and the same postings,
all 3 were new sign-ups and only maybe had domain recognition from
google with both angelfire and geocities having a lot more pages indexed
yet only the pcpages site does well, really well and gets to page 2 of
your serp with pr0 and not many backlinks doesn't that peak your
curiousity even the tiniest little bit how that could be possible?

By the way in answer to your email to me I emailed the abuse dept at bbs
and explained the situation to them and they galdly turned the site back
on which is why it's on again. pcpages wouldn't even write back to me
but that's okay because I turned them into about 5 different addresses
at google that I have for manipulating the google serps. So they will be
eventually going bye bye whenever google gets around to it. Same thing
happened to xanga.com.

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That's it Sam ignore the question/point.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What are you talking about, I wasn't even doing SEO in the 90s so why
do you keep making the above comment, it makes no sense? I'm not that
sure what really worked in the 90s, wasn't it meta tags stuffed with
keywords :-)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yawn, if it was so easy why can't you do better than me even after
trying with god knows how many sites? You've been trying for over two
months now without going above me.

Come on Sam if you are going to go around saying you are the best at
SEO in the NG prove it.

You kept going on about the Sex SERP being really hard and to prove
who is best we should both go after it. Well Cat Yronwode is in the
top 100 (around 25th) for the Sex SERP with

That's a very, very good result especially considering Cat said she
wasn't specifically going after that SERP! So basically she got the
SERP through general optimisation rather than specifically going after
it, I'm sure she could do even better if she really wanted that SERP.

Do you think you could do better than the above Sam?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You are the one that doesn't read or more likely doesn't understand
what I'm saying. I explained the above and it has nothing to do with
javascript pop ups as you seems to think it is.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Reread what I said earlier you clearly don't understand the concept.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

BTW you didn't do exactly the same for all sites since if you did I'd
know what all three are as they would all be listed at the same places
you spammed links from (and they aren't). You must of done far more
link spamming for the pcpages one than the others.

Show the URLs so we can confirm eitherway.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Keep spinning the lies about deleted sites Sam, no one believes you.
It's been clearly shown the bbs site 'bbs.ws/bbs.php?bbs=literature'
was not deleted by the host (http://bbs.ws /). You changed the page so
it looked like the home page so you could say I got it deleted.
Unfortunately for you, you couldn't remove the "Post a New Message"
link and you were stupid enough to add hidden phone sex links at the
bottom (like you do with most things you own) which someone here

When caught out you removed the phone sex links and later added
content again. Chrissy's Erotic Literature Forum now.

The facts are clear, you deleted the site yourself to try to make me
look bad. Nice try though, I missed it.

Makes you think how much your other statements about deleted sites are

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What a load of clap trap.

http://www.search-engine-optimization-services.co.uk /

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

SEO Dave wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I'd rather take a look into the future 20 years from now:

SEO Dave: Our newsgroup wants you to return... to continue your
there. Where you can have everything at your disposal.

Sam: My dear SEO Dave, twenty years ago I was banned from my newsgroup.
I was classed as a madman -- a charlatan -- outlawed in the world of SEO
which previously honored me as a genius! Now here in this forsaken
hell, I have proven that I am right.

SEO Dave: Yes, the other SEO's have learned how correct your findings
So I am here -- sent to bring you home.

Sam: Home. I have no home. Hunted...despised... living like an animal --
jungle is my home! But I will show the web that I can be its master. I
perfect my own race of SEO's - a race of atomic SEO's that will conquer
the world!

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

SEO Dave wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Took me only about 5 seconds to figure out how to add meta tags to
blogspot sites. You just edit the template what's the big deal about

What you don't get is the importance of certain types of sites and also
the importance of domain names to google which are forever chaging all
of the time. A year ago using a blogspot site would give you a super
boost at google just as xanga.com would as well. Now xanga.com is
xanga.gone and blogspot sites don't do shit anymore and are no different
then your onw website. If they were I'd be using them myself right now.
They may come back again and if they do i'll start using them again.
right now they make great pr passers since google has a very liberal
policy with content on them and that's all I presently use them for. If
you really wanted to give me a run for my money there are sites that
presently are getting the google super boost. pcpages is one of them but
of course they don't allow adult stuff so no good for you to use. But
there are lots of others equally as good that allow adult stuff on them.
Will I tell what they are? Definiteley not!

Also your use of anchor really sucks eggs on your blogspot site I must
say. When I'm master of the internet in 20 years from now with my atomic
SEO race of SEO's maybe by then you'll take the phone sex serp.

Re: Blogspot Challenge for Sam

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Of course it does you idiot.

Being able to adapt a site, any site to be more search engine friendly
is what a SEO does. I can optimise almost any type of site, you can
only manage HTML 1.0 and then not very well.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

LOL you are so dumb you don't have a clue how to make the changes to
those blog templates that you have used a lot of, you don't even know
how to use CSS (CSS is not part of this challenge).

Come on Sam prove me wrong. You've been building web pages for many
more years than I have, but you are stuck in the past doing 90s web

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The definition of beat tends to mean did better than. By my reckoning
you haven't beat me once yet.

Here are your failed self proclaimed challenges against me-

Lingerie - I had number 6 for weeks and number 12 for months. You got
to number 30 for a very brief period (so you say, I never saw it) and
stayed at around 70th for a couple of months then you gave up because
it was too hard.

Classic Literature - I've been in the top 10 since starting the site
(generally number 7 or 8). You got a page to number 9, but it quickly
dropped out of the top 10 (you are currently 12th). When you realised
you were failing again you deleted your own sites and blamed me.

From your own reports it took at least 4 attempts (4 sites) to get
into the top 10 for Classic Literature by links spamming PR7 pages and
now you have told me by email you are doing something to fill page one
with your pages and somehow damage my site in the process. Recall this
email you sent me on the 17th-

I tried to tell you in another email earlier I am going to get even
you for losing the two classic literature sites and I'm not kidding.
Your classic lit site is going to drop to page 3 or page 4 in the next
few weeks and you won't be able to ever get it back up again. No I am
not posting your urls to blog comment s as I know that would only give
your site a boost not hurt it. I'm not going to tell what I've already
done to hurt your site beyond repair and you will have to figure it
by youself as you watch it drop into oblivion very very soon. And no
your pr will not be effected either and you will retain your pr6
you keep ****ing with me and get more of my sites deleted and in that

So please Sam explain how being behind me on both of those SERPs
equates to "I've beaten you badly twice already at your own serps".

You have failed to do better than I did both times. Two more weeks
before you say my site will drop to page 3 or 4, I'm waiting

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You are right, so far I haven't got a page in the top 100 for phone
sex, but until this month I didn't take a page targeting that SERP
above PR3 (had more important things to deal with) and as you know
most of the non link spammed pages of that SERP are PR4 with the odd

I'm in no rush to take that SERP, so will slowly add links to the
pages until a particular page is number 1.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I can deal with that, but with a minor change, how about you supply
the links and not from link spamming. You think I'm going to waste my
links on one of your sites, dream on.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You beat me real bad did you. LOL

If you really understood SEO you would know external links are

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Tell you what. You complete my little blog challenge and we'll then do
yours. If you don't agree to these terms I win by default.

Took me 10 mins to solve the blogspot 'problem', I'll give you just
under 24hrs (2am GMT Wednesday). If you can't do it I'm not going to
waste my time on your SEO challenge thing.

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Re: Blogspot Challenge for Sam

SEO Dave wrote:
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I'm into SEO not web design. Don't have to proove anything to you along
these lines and I admit you're better at web design then me but who
cares? The only thing that interests me is SEO and making money, lots of
it too something you'll never see but can only play make believe like
you're making money at while you live off your wife's salary.
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How much do you want to bet we'll be hearing the same thing from you in
a year from now you loser.
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I'm not interested in the blogspot problem it nothing to do with SEO and
you area total LOSER! What's more you're a RETARD! And I knew you
wouldn't except my seo challenge therefore I win by default and you lose
and everyone here in this ng knows you're a loser!
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Re: Blogspot Challenge for Sam

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Retart, how quaint. But you should look in the mirror.

How many reading this ng actually want to see this idiotic "competition"
all the time? Not me. I'm plonking the both of you.

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 15:14:53 GMT, SEO Dave

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Conversation overheard at NTL control centre:

Admin 1 : "The internet seems very slow today, has a router gone down
or something?"

Admin 2 : "No, it's just SEO Dave uploading more filler pages."

Admin 1 : "We shall have to consider suspending his account."

By the way Dave, I noticed this post in alt.internet.providers.uk . It
doesn't really affect you as your webspace at:
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ooar123 /
isn't being used for business, just for pretending to be an SEO. But I
thought it might pique your interest all the same.

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Just had a letter from NTL...
o Basically you can't use NTL webspace for business
o If you do, you will be required to remove the website within 7 days
o You are also NOT allowed to provide a link to business content on
another server

So if you move the site you can't even do a redirect or they will
delete it.
I find the last item somewhat bizarre, but the letter makes it quite

Clause 16 of our AUP:
o The service (including webspace) is for residential use only. It
must not be used for
business purposes".

"As we believe that the web space associated with your account is
being used for
business purposes
we request that you remove the contents of this web space within 7
days of this

"Please do not modify your web space in such a way that the only
content is a link or
links to business content held on web space provided by another web
hosting company."

"Failure to remove the content of your web space within the time
period we have
can lead to the suspension of your account and the removal of the
contents of the web
associated with the account subject to suspension".

Looks like a lot of other people are from the emails, it has caught
many people out.
I guess they didn't like my previous posts about their email service.

So looks like I'm after new non-NTL webspace & non-NTL ISP too :-)
Dorothy Bradbury.

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

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Starting to really sound like Sam now with filler pages. I suppose you 2
have exchanged techniques huh?

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I suppose you hadn't noticed that this site only has free advice on it and
if you want to hire someone you go to another site for that. It is Dave's
right to put a link to another site on a homepage. So, really look at it!

You know Stoma, I don't know what Dave has done to you. But, you seem to be
really after him for some reason.

Re: pcpages.com (freehomepages.com)

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 20:27:32 +0000 (UTC), stoma

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If it doesn't affect my site why are you telling me about it?

You sound like a wannabe politician who can only manage a few hundred
votes in a local election or something.

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