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I am wondering if there are any companies/people who would do SEO work and I
would pay them commission based on the number of sales generated from the
site, possibly on an ongoing business, as opposed to a fixed fee for which I
get no guarantees (this seems to be how most SEO consultants work).

An affiliate program would probably make more sense, but to become a
merchant on any of the major networks you need to pay 1,500 + upfront,
again with no guarantees.

Any ideas?



Re: Pay for Results SEO?

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Drop me a line, mail at johnbokma dot com.

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Re: Pay for Results SEO?

Pete wrote:
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Please let me know the nature of the site.  I may be able to help you on a
revenue sharing basis.
Best regards, Eric.

Re: Pay for Results SEO?

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:54:33 +0000 (UTC), "Pete"

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I doubt you'll get anyone really interested in this since it would
make more sense for an SEO to become an affiliate of your competition
than the above.

I know I can make more from affiliate sites than I can from SEO
consulting, but I don't fancy creating lots of content for the sites
I'd have to make :-))

Then there are trust issues, how do they know the sales you report are
the true figure!

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You could learn SEO yourself, it's not rocket science.

Would be interested to know how much you've been quoted and what you
get in return? No need to mention companies.

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