Pageranking info needed

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Pageranking info needed

My site was doing fine for about 8 months.  It was on the first page of
google for several key words.  But the page rank, when it finally showed up
about the time of Florida, was miserably low.  However the site remained on
the first page up or down a few slots.  I though hummm, it's weird that the
page rank doesn't seem to matter.  And if it ain't broke don't fix it. Well
now with the last dance, my web site has fallen completely to the way side
for major key words.  So I am thinking that it is due to the low page rank.
And even if it's not I think I need to attend to this matter and get a
better understanding.

Page rank for the home/index is 3, yes a stinky little 3.  I do have links
coming into the index, which are more plentiful than most of my competitors,
and the sites linked to have an average page rank of 4 some being a 5 and
some a 3.

I am thinking that it is the way I have arranged my links on the site.
Right now almost every page links to all the others.  Some pages are simply
larger details of pictures and only link back to the page where the smaller
pictures are.

One thing I did do was to go in and take out some of the key words that were
in the text as I felt perhaps I had used the words "gown" and "renaissance"
which both occurred about 14 times...Maybe that was all that is wrong?

Web site is key words that I am
concerned about are: renaissance gown, renaissance wedding gown

So, does any one have any suggestions.... I need help, badly. *S*



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