Page/Site Ranking Value (PRV, SRV): a SEO metrics proposal

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I am trying to define parameters for SE ranking.  It would be a good
way to charge those customers who want measurable results.

Suppose I look for "SEO" in Google, and my page is number 100 among 10

We might define an index like:    

RV = total found pages / Page ranking x 1000, meaning that my page
would have a nice Ranking Value (RV) of 10,000.

Thus, a page ranking 1 among 100 would be equivalent to a page ranking
10 among 1000.

If I make several pages ranking for several related keywords, I could
consider the sum of all of them as the Site RV, as oppossed to the
Page RV.

In my opinion, we could add a log to the math expression, to give much
more value to the first 2-3 SERPs. And will disregard those pages
buried deep in the SERPs.

Then, it would be:

RV = log ( total found pages / Page ranking x 1000 )  

Do you agree?

Do you know anything better already published?

Do you find this RV index useful for measuring SEO work? I would like
to use it for self-promotion. Or maybe even for a tournament...

It has been a long, long time since high school... My math might need
some refreshing...

Re: Page/Site Ranking Value (PRV, SRV): a SEO metrics proposal

samoilo wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It is still in my pen:

SUM         ( number of pages with pages with PR n * 8 ^ n )
n = 0 .. 10

So the higher the PageRank, the more it contributes to the sum

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