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Anyboody know what  Google look for to decide a page ranking

/Einar Langøen

/Einar Langøen

Re: Page Ranking

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My guesses are:

Page Rank (PR) is what you see in the green line on the Google toolbar.  It
is based on the number of incoming links to the page and to the PR of the
originating pages divided by the number of links on those pages.  PR is also
affected (i.e reduced to zero as a punishment) if you are naughty.

The position of your page in the search results list is based on how likely
is your page to satisfy the searcher, given the words the searcher has

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Page Ranking

Einar Langen wrote in

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Yes - but firstly, you will need to distinguish between a) PageRank (PR),
Google's assessment of the value of a page based on the number and quality
of inbound links and b) the ranking in the search engine results pages
(SERPS), based on Google's assessment of the page's relevance to the search

For the former: /

And for the latter: /


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