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The toolbar has not yet changed, but the Google directory has, and
there are new Page Rank values next to every listing.

Re: Page Rank Update

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Where are you seeing these PRs listed in the directory?

Re: Page Rank Update

Neal wrote:

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I suppose he means going to the Google Directory, searching for your
site, and opening the category its put in -- you can then analyze the
little pagerank images. Or just wait until this update's over and check
the usual ways...

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Hi> writes
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Well, I hope the PR shown in the Directory is wrong and not indicative
of the actual eventual PR after the update completes; the home page of
one of my sites has a PR of six in the toolbar (and has had for a couple
of months), but is showing only about 4 in the Directory :-(

Google is showing fewer backlinks to that site this update, but as we
all know the backlinks sample is random and tends not to shower higher
PR pages at the moment. I can't remember what the PR in the directory
was before.

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Re: Page Rank Update

Wasn't there a site that someone posted a few weeks ago that showed what the
PR was most likely to be next update?

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Good thing it didn't follow that site. My internal pages would all be 0, and
my index page a 5. The 5 doesn't bother me..........the 0's did. I check a
few other sites with it and it really said the same on those sites as well,
internal pages 0.


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Re: Page Rank Update

Patience Design wrote:
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I've just compared about 20 sites for toolbar and directory PR scale.
The directory scale seems as follows: PR4 shows 27.5% green of the length,
PR5 shows 40%, PR6 as 55%, PR7 as 67.5%, PR8 as 80%, PR9 as 95%.  This does
not help with the above observation but the apparantly short green directory
scales for PRs in the range 4 to 6 should not be cause for alarm.  The
directory scale appears to start at PR=2 (no green) and end at about PR9.2
(all green).
Best regards, Eric.
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Re: Page Rank Update

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004 21:56:57 GMT, "Eric Johnston"

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OK, so what's the PR of this site- found here-,_Mark /

BTW if you right click on the green bit of the image and select
properties in IE you get the size of the images. i.e. the site above
is 22x4 px as are the top 6. So you don't have to guess how much green
there is.

The toolbar PR of those sites are generally PR6, though there is one
PR7 and one PR5.

So I think
27 a PR7.
22 a PR6.
16 a PR5.
11 a PR4.
5 a PR3 ?.

BTW is the directory ordered by exact PR (i.e 6.4 above 6.3) rather
than the rough PR (i.e. 6) and some other sorting factor?

Seems to be exact PR, so the top listing is a higher PR6 than the 5
below it with each listing  being a lower PR6 than the one above it.

If this theory about the directory showing the next PR values this
site is in trouble- as it's PR6
on the toolbar, but about PR3 on the directory /

-- /

Re: Page Rank Update

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That was work already done. Have you seen "The Handy Dandy Google Page Rank
Figurin' Guide" /

/Martin Hagstrøm

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