Page Rank now 0 on all pages from PR=4 or 3

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We moved our site on to a new platform
and server (therefore new IP address) on the 21st of August.  Before
the move our home page had a PR of 4.  We still seem to have that PR=4
(although does not show on Google toolbar) however our next level down
pages e.g. used to
have a PR=4 but now has PR=0 and in fact all of our other pages have a

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas as to why this may have
happened?  The pages are definitely all still indexed and the domain
remains the same as previously.

Thanks in advance


Re: Page Rank now 0 on all pages from PR=4 or 3 wrote:
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I see PR4 for the domain but for
( ) I see PR0.

I don't see any PR for the inner pages. How long have you had the under
construction page up for? Google could have dropped the PR from the
inner pages (I guess) if there has been no links going there for some
time - though why they would still be cached I have no idea.


Re: Page Rank now 0 on all pages from PR=4 or 3

Hi Jez

Thanks for getting back to me.  We only had the under Construction
page up for a day when we transferred the data.  Not sure what you've
found!! The links are all the same as they were before we moved
platforms.  So Google would only have seen no links for the page for
day it was down - otherwise all of the links point to the same domain  The only thing that has changed is
the IP of the server and the actual development platform from struts
to spring all still java though.


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