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Hi All,
  I am new to this search engine optimization topic. Can somebody explain
  how to find the Page Rank of a site in google?

Re: Page rank

Muthu wrote:
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Download the google toolbar for ie: /

William Tasso

Re: Page rank

You also might want to download the toolbar.  It gives you
another source (ranking in raw numbers).

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine

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Re: Page rank

Hi Kim - I downloaded the toolbar, however I can't see any ranking
information.  I see my traffic rank - 1,157,002 but that's about it :(

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Re: Page rank

You must use the Google toolbar in order to get PR.

Alexa's has its own proprietary rank which has absolutely nothing to do with


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Re: Page rank wrote:
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Bear in mind just installing alexa's toolbar and visiting your own site
every day gets the site the top 1.5 million ...

Ignore the ranking shown unless its less than 500,000


Re: Page rank

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I am still unclear as to how the Alexa toolbar helps you in SEO.

It supposedly shows Alexa's popularity rating right?
How is that measured...and more does that information
relate to qualified traffic?

I uninstalled it as a useless tool for SEO.  Did I miss something?

James Taylor

Re: Page rank

On Wed, 3 Mar 2004 07:21:10 -0800, ""

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Alexa claims to not be spyware, so are they are tracking you travels
to sites?

If not, then like you James,  I'm confused as to how it will help your
ranking as Mike said.

Can anyone even explain to this newbie how Alexa in general is even a
helpful seo tool, let alone it's tool bar?

thanks, don't beat me up, I'm very new to SEO,


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Re: Page rank wrote:
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(alexa toolbar usage)
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Marketleap etc can show you links, but not hits (well, visits),
alexa will show you an estimation of site popularity.

Its useful for comparing relative popularity of sites, and traffic
/in addition/ to the normal methods.

Like overture suggestions, there are anomalies,
sometimes its better than others.

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Yes, thats how they make the rankings. The number is a 3 month
average ranking of all alexa toolbar users (10 million or so)

Note they themselves tell you any ranking above 100k+ is inaccurate.


Re: Page rank

The alexa toolbar is a vital part of any web marketer or even anyone
who owns a website. You can check your ranking against your
competitors and track your traffic building progress. It will show you
your average page views so you can find out if people are staying on
your site.

As a personal not before buying ANYTHING on the internet i always look
at the traffic rank of a site to see if it can be trusted, especially
if it's a SEO site of marketing site.

Ben Reeves

Re: Page rank

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I have been doing this professionally for 7 years and never used it.  All
our clients have hit #1 in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AllTheWeb and AltaVista
so I can say it is far from vital.

Am I to understand that it only tracks Alexa toolbar users or does it track
sites in general?
If it is Alexa toolbar users then the tool is worthless to SEO because the
number of people who have the tool bar loaded is low.
No one I know of uses it in this industry.

If it checks all sites, regardless of whether they have the tool bar loaded
or not, I can see where someone would think that info is useful...but why
not just look at your own server logs?  OR...does it show page-duration data
for the websites that are included on that list?  That would be helpful but
intrusive.  I am not sure how it would do that because that info is log file

Am I misunderstanding how this tool works?


James Taylor

Re: Page rank (Muthu) wrote in message
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