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Does anyone have an opinion on page length and SEO? I've read that is
better to have important information "above the fold" so to speak. Is
it better to have shorter but more pages that nearly fit on 1 screen
view or longer pages that have all the relevant content on them?


Re: Page Length?

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As far as users go, its best to have your most relevant content "above the
fold"... it gives them the first impression of what your site has and if
they have to scroll to see the good stuff, then you'll probably lose a few

As far as search engines go, they index only so much content from your
page... the numbers going around seem to point at Google doing a max of
100K.  This 100K is the text and HTML and doesn't include images, sound
files, etc.  BUT, it does include things like whats in your <style></style>
and <script></script> tags - so if the first 100K of your page is taken up
by your headers, meta tags, styles and javascript... then your content won't
be indexed (Google would instead index your styles, scripts and headers)

Its all a balancing act: search engines don't buy anything on your site,
customers do... but search engines do bring you customers (atleast hopefully
they do)... so you have make sure your site is convenient for both of them

Re: Page Length? are correct.  There is a file size limit as well as a
limit on the number of word that are actually indexed on the page for
most search engines.  In terms of spidering, most search engines
spider the first 150 words.  However, if your page is too large, the
spider may drop it completely.  I would suggest the you keep you home
page relatively small and add links to relevant content pages off of
your home page.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine

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