Overture vs Adword anomaly

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I am fairly new to pay for clicks but I thought I would give it a try. I am
using both Overture and Adwords. I maintain and use detailed logs of user
activity. The services have both been active for about a month and a half.
Here is what I have observed. (All this information is on average, but is
fairly consistent from day to day)

About 50% of Overture visitors have no URL referral while Adwords runs about
For visitors with no URL referrals, almost all are one-page-hitters and then
My sense is that the no URL referrals are paid clickers but how can anyone

Overture visitors look at less pages and less items than Adword visitors and
both are less visitors who find my site from regular search engine hits.
However, overall traffic is way up.

If I remove the one-hitters from the numbers the number of pages and
products views are about equal.

I tend to have more total visitors from Overture then Google and both are
generating sales (Google more that Overture)and so far each are paying for

I was just wondering if other are having similar experiences.


Re: Overture vs Adword anomaly

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FWIW, I've been using both for about two years, and attempting to optimize
my campaigns on each. I find that Adwords delivers more than 10 times the
traffic, overall or even for a keyword-by-keyword comparison. After
considering conversion rates, Adwords more than pays for itself while
Overture barely breaks even.

I have had the most ROI when using minimum bids. That's 5 cents on Adwords;
it's mostly 15 cents on overture although I have some legacy keywords at
less. I have experimented with higher bids and always found better ROI at
the lower bids.

All the above is for my business software products (Project Management) and
may be different for other advertisers.

Bob Kochem
| MinuteMan Systems - Project Management Software |
| info@minuteman-systems.com http://www.minuteman-systems.com/ |
| PO Box 152, Belmont, MA 02478 USA (617)489-5639 |

Re: Overture vs Adword anomaly

) Note: you cannot stop your Overture account online - you need to =
discover where their phone number is hidden and phone them to stop your =
account generating costs.

2) They do not have any protection for malicious clicks by competitors.

3) When their contract with MSN expires shorty - that will be the end of =

4) On google Adwords - never rely on their automated tool for setting =
the "lowest cost" per click as this will always result in much higher =
costs to you.

(Expect a Class Action suite to follow in due course that will result in =
Google refunding millions of dollars to advertisers who used their tool =
for setting their campaign expenditure)=20


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Re: Overture vs Adword anomaly

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 10:01:59 +0000 (UTC), "Socrates"

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You can put the ads offline.  But they have a min amout of $20.00 a
month.  Be carefull online many sites have creppy fine print.  ie
hostsave.com is trying to charge me for a web site thats no longer
there.  you have to tell them 30 days  in advance if you canceling or
they charge for a full year withouot providing any service.  the joke
is on them I had 13 other accounts with them and have cancelled then

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They could be checking IP's or cookies.  I have clicked on a keyword
that was getting no traffic several times a day from the same computer
and it was being charged

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Yahoo bought overture for a big price not to long ago and used them on
there listings.  The will be around for quite a while

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refunding millions of dollars to advertisers who used their tool for setting their
campaign expenditure)
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Re: Overture vs Adword anomaly

In my experience, Overture's results have dropped significantly in the
past few months.   The explanation is that my content is clearly
identified in the ad as for the United States only, and a large
percentage of the traffic is from third party traffic sources from
outside the US.   Overture does not offer the same kinds of
country-based traffic filtering that Google has.

Also, the absence of a referring URL -IS- a major red flag, since
whether it appears or not is something not under the control of the
traffic source - unless the "visitor" is not actually running a
browser and/or is non-human.  (think clickbot)

Note that a few days ago, the CFO at Google disclosed that Adwrods
click fraud is becoming a major problem and may not have an easy
solution, and may undermine their primary revenue stream.


On Tue, 9 Nov 2004 15:13:00 -0500, "vMike"

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