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Do search terms have to account for pluralization as well?

So for example:

My key word phrase: Toronto Garage Door Repair

When someone types in Toronto Garage Door Repairs, will my listing still
show up?

And if not, what if my key word phrase was Toronto Garage Door Repairs, and
someone typed in Toronto Garage Door Repair?


Re: Overture Question 2

Toronto Garage Door Company says...
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Unless things have changed, both Toronto Garage Door Repair and it's plural will
both come up regardless of whether the search is plural or singular.

Mike Berg
Millennium Fitness

Re: Overture Question 2

Mike Berg wrote:
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I don't know if that's specifically in response to those search terms and
Overture but singular/plural does make a difference in most of the SEs.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

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When I last used Overture for advertising they were treated the same
as are some combinations like-

UK Lingerie and Lingerie UK are treated the same.

As are words like man, men, men's, mens, mans.

My info's 10mths old, so may be out of date on this one.

If they didn't do it this way it would make their search tool a lot
more useful.

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Re: Overture Question 2

Thanks guys.

Actually I think it just took a bit of time for my overture account to
settle down since I just signed up a few hours before I posted this question

Sorry for the bother!

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Re: Overture Question 2

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True, but re: Overture, I'm pretty sure if you use their tool to see how many
searches come up per month for any given word/phrase, plural or singular is the

Mike Berg
Millennium Fitness

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