Out of context keywords again

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A week or so ago I asked the group  what they thought
about the idea of moving the old meta keywords tag
into a visible footer at the bottom of the html page, in order
to get Google to associate more keywords with the page.

Just about everybody thought this was a bad idea.
I lost my cool at one point, and insulted someone,
and got appropriately flamed. No problem there at all.

I'm just reporting back (as promised) about my experiment.
I did this and it works. I'm not going to try to quantify or
in anyway prove my assertion.  I just make it. I tried it
and it works quite well.

My site has been spidered, since I made the changes,
and keywords that did not bring my pages up at Google now do

If you have a fishing page related to "fly tiers"
you have a problem, because half the people (and fishing pages)
in the world spell it as "fly tyers" instead.

If you want Google to associate your fishing page with
both "fly tyers" and "fly tiers" it's hard to make content sentences
that use both spellings. The footer solves that.

And Google uses it.
So it's possible everybody still thinks this is a bad idea.
But it does work.  The key, I think, will be to use it responsibly,
and to only list alternate spellings that do indeed relate to the
contents of the page.

In that case, I think you've created a service, rather
than a scam.

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