[OT] Way, way off-topic: New newsgroup

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This is about as off-topic as it gets, but I hope that my occasional
contributions are sufficient that I am allowed a bit of slack... :)

I recently took over as the moderator of the misc.business.product-dev
(product development) newsgroup.  It is my intention to make it into a
good resource for all aspects of product development.  (I really can't
think of any way that this relates to SEO, other than some of us having
multiple areas of interest.)

I have set up moderation software and have tested it with a few
low-volume threads, and I am now ready to invite more users.

Here is how the moderation works:

Crossposts to one other non-moderated newsgroup are allowed and welcome.
I add new posters who have a history of being non-kooks (expect a delay
until the next time I log in as moderator - I do this several times per
day) to the whitelist so that all future posts by them are autoapproved
without delay.

All posts will be approved unless they are obvious spam or off-topic
trolling.  This, by the way, gives you a chance to have a conversation
about product development in a newsgroup that is full of trolls and
flamers; simply crosspost to misc.business.product-dev. read the thread
in misc.business.product-dev, and I will reject any trolling, flaming,
political/religious posts, etc.  I will *not* censor posts for content
as long as they have at least a marginal connection with product

I have the ability to give others the power to moderate, and the
software to do so is web-based and easy to use.  Right now the volume
is pretty low, but I may be looking for moderators later.

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