OT - Nutricide

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Quite off topic, but worthy of attention I feel :)

Morning everyone. I thought this was an important piece of material to
circulate. This is sepcific to the US, but affects all of us as it
involves the WTO/UN as well. It has the potential to affect your right
to choose what you eat and will significantly affect anything
classified as "food" (inludes vitamins, supplements...etc). The hammer
drops in '09 so it's time to act.

I found it quite informative and the solutions are easily implemented.
Just needs some citizen action behind it.

An interesting tidbid of info from the video. Apparently the US Gov
considers one opinion (email, phone call, fax) to be speaking on behalf
of 13,000 others. Some law of averages I guess... That's some serious
power though!!

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