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Re: OT: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Yes, it's well written. I've printed it out so's I can finish it in my travels

Too bad it wouldn't be worth it to incorporate any of it in any future possible
FAQ of my own since I honestly don't think alot of my visitors who ask me
asinine questions even know how to read, much less think.

Here's something funny and very relevant. As part of my sites, I offer free
listings to local organizations, and even very popular commercial stores and
such filled with information and photos I'd taken and gathered on my own. WELL,
there's always that occasional visitor who'll ignore that "Follow this link to
the Official XYZ Corporation WEBSITE " and instead write me to complain about
the very bad service they'd gotten by my salespeople. And how they'll never
come to my store ever again. heheheh.....

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