OT: Ebay isn't working properly

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I thought it was just me but it isn't. It's everything else that's
just me, ha-ha.

If you try going to individual items on Ebay and you just get
gobbledegook or you get the download box ad infinitum then you'll need
to go into their forums and hunt around for what works to fix it. I
found an adjustment to the proxy settings that's specific for ntl
users and it seems to work fine. I don't know what the ramifications
are though. Maybe I can only access the web at a slower speed now or
something. I dunno. I only really worried about it because I have to
sell a lot of stuff on Ebay soon, I'm at around 16 or 17 guitars so a
lot of them plus associated equipment has to go - I can't move in
I think Ebay will have to put a fix up soon and come clean about
what's happening.

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