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Since it seems the folks here have more of a clue about the Internet &
traffic as a whole, I wanted some comments on the advertising pricing I'm
offering on my site.


I'm not looking for a lot of advertisers, but the ones that do sign up will
have pretty much the run of the site. My traffic is growing heavily each and
every day and instead of offering impressions, I thought it would be a
better value for a monthly rate ( no matter how many impressions are
recieved )

All comments welcomed.

Re: Advertising Question

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Hi David,

Since your homepage has a PR of 4/10, you will probably not have a lot to
offer someone from an SEO advertising perspective.  If your site were rated
at a 6-8 in Page Rank, you would have a solid chance of garnering
advertisers aplenty.

Targeted traffic is nice, but you will have to prove that you can do it to
justify your prices.  If you are getting a few hundred thousand hits per
month, you can start thinking about advertising, but probably not till then.

You might want to think about offering a text link as one of your
advertising options.  People doing SEO will want that above all.

It looks like your products that you sell are pretty "niche" so you are
probably headed down the right path sales-wise.  You might want to think
about getting around 40-50 more in-bound links to help build your PR to an
advertising-acceptable level.

I also did not notice an affiliate program on your site.  Since you sell
software products, it should be pretty easy to set one up.  This will bring
you in additional income and ...if you make it a requirement...bring you
lots of in-bound links for free.

Good luck

James Taylor

Re: Advertising Question

Thanks for the great info ...

I must mention that my site has gotten to where it is ( with tons of work )
in only 2 short months. Most every page has a PR of 4, and site is
completely indexed by Google ( well, 95% of it ) . Getting lots of inbound
links and every day traffic is growing.

I do in fact have an affiliate program going now. There is a link in the
menu to it. My site is not showing a lot of backlinks on google, but based
on the hits, I have plenty of them and hopefully have just not propagated

Thanks again and appreciate any more comments anyone may have. ( good or
bad. I can take it )

David D.

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Re: Advertising Question

I just checked your site out advertising and links page showed pr0. the
remainder pr4
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work )
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Re: Advertising Question

Yes, and ? ...... I said most every page. ( Just created the links &
Advertising page so no PR showing yet. ) The majority of pages that
advertising would be on are PR'd and well indexed.

1200 page views today so far all totalled. ( and growing )


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Re: Advertising Question

In reading the mix of posts here, a question came to mind. Do you get
backlinks to your home page only or do you also get them for oher
pages on your site?

I always concentrate on getting backlinks for my home pages (i.e.
www.homepage.com). But getting a link, for example, at
http://www.homepage.com/book.htm is something I considered to promote
an Ebook.  Should I establish links at the bottom of the page like I
do my home page and submit this page to the other sites as a link to
place on their site? Does anyone do this? Would this help you get
other pages on your site  ranked in Search Engines like google?

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