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Hi All,

I am currently working on the website optimization to increase our
As I understand since our site is fully Flash driven and makes web hits
behind the scenes it is hard or even impossible for web crawlers to
index. I'd love to hear some of the suggestions on how to optimize it
(http://www.telcaster.com ) to increase our rankings.

Thanks so much,

Re: Optimizing Macromedia Flash Site

I noticed when attempting to visit your link, your server responds with
a 302 redirect. Search engines don't like those either. Make sure you
submit the final destination url to them.

Re: Optimizing Macromedia Flash Site

gdelovsky@gmail.com writes:

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Should be obvious -- if you want to do well as a web site, ditch Flash
and put up an actual, you know, web site!  One that everybody can see,
even stupid spider programs.  
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Re: Optimizing Macromedia Flash Site

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I suggest having, at the bottom of the first page (after the flash contents)
a readable list of links to all pages on the site.  Also every page should
have a different appropriate title, full description and keywords in the
header and a visible link at the bottom of each page back to the home page.
Be totally sensible and accurate with your sentences; don't try spamming.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Optimizing Macromedia Flash Site

On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 18:50:49 GMT, "Eric Johnston"

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Also he could go play on here, which might illuminate the extent of
the problem.

http://www.se-flash.com /

Best really not to use Flash, or do a complete html equivalent site..


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