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One of my sites is http://www.famous-quote.net

I am optimizing (mainly using anchor text from inbound links) on "Quotes
on Firearms", "Quotes on War", "Quotes on History", etc...

But... here is what my logs show me are the actual search terms users are
using to find me:

war is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things

the object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other
bastard die for his

there is one source o athenians of all your defeats. it is that your
citizens have ceased to be soldiers.

brandeis activism

if you want peace prepare for war

for democracy to fail it is only necessary that good men should

a free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should
have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence
from any who might attempt to abuse them which would include their own

if you want peace prepare for war parabellum

the object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other

war quotes but make the other bastard die for his

I am thinking the only way to optimize for these is to repeat each quote
twice.  ;-)


Re: Optimize this!

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I bet I can think of another way :-).

Feed all your quotes into a KWIC generator.
Generate the KWIC as multiple pages,
perhaps one per letter of the alphabet
with an alphabetic index. Use a good
stop list to eliminate the junk words
like "the", "to", etc. Do some basic
stemming too, at least plurals. You may want
to make this a fairly hefty list to avoid
having too many links in what follows.
Also make your quote pages generated
as well, with each occurrence of an
indexed keyword a hotlink into the
appropriate position of the appropriate
page of the KWIC index. Don't hot-link
any keyword that only appears in one
quote. And, you need more quotes to
make this work reasonably well.

Example, the Demosthenes quote
would have "soldiers" be a hot-link
to a line in the KWIC that looked
like this:

your citizens have ceased to be      <soldier>s. -- Demosthenes

and right above that line would be:

              I hate war as only a          <soldier> who has lived it

where the <word> is hot-linked back to the
quote it is excerpting.

When searching for quotes, a KWIC
index is generally much nicer than googling.
You might decide to store the quote's
author in a separate column beside each
KWIC entry. Any number of ways to
dress this up.

Now you have a site with more pages,
that is more useful to the user and
(I bet, but only experiment would prove)
would do somewhat better for those
queries and other queries as well.

Re: Optimize this!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It is probably a good idea to have the page itself at least partially
optimised for the expected search terms, as well as having the terms in the
incoming links.
For example: http://www.famous-quote.net/quotes-war.shtml
is presently optimised only for 'war', with other words miles behind.  Try
at least to get 'war' 'quotes' in positions #2 and #1, well ahead of
position #3.   'Quotes' is twice as popular as 'war' so you need a few more
'quotes' then 'war' to help beat off the competition.  'war quotes' should
be in #1 position for two word pairs.

Use http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ to
thoroughly investigate the use of 'war quotes' and all your other phrases
etc.  Think about targeting at least 10 three word combinations also at the
same time.  'Quotations' should also appear.

Be careful about 'following your logs'.  This can lead to 'chasing your
tail'.  The information may well not be representative of what the majority
of your wanted readers are typing in (particularly if you are badly
positioned for that), and simply emphasise some obscure phrases for which it
is easy to be high in the search results.

Since human readers (and Google) are only interested in identifiying pages
that will please the searcher and solve the searcher's requirements I have
the following comment about your pages.  They are unusually tall and involve
much scrolling.

I suggest that after the header line you make a 1 row, 4 column table.

Put the navigation in the top left hand cell, put your choice of the 'most
significant' quotation and picture in the middle, and the adverts in the top
right hand cell.

Start a new 5 column table for the rest of the page and in all subsequent
rows put quotation, picture, blank cell, quotation, picture.  Make the
centre column very narrow and shaded just clearly demark the left and right
halves of the page.

This would involve far less tedious scrolling.

If your readers find this helpful, maybe Google will discover this also...

Best regards, Eric.

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