Optimising links-pages for affiliate income etc.

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Will moving links pages (with some affiliate links) from a general
site to a more specific site (specific site named relevant to the
links), get more traffic? If so, should I leave the original copy of
the links pages running as well (some of the original pages have been
up for 5 years and have more than trippled their traffic during that
time), or will I get more traffic by redirecting those old pages to
the new site?

Is copying links from another site a breach of their Copyright (or
other laws), what about copying links as listed by Google?

Is there anything else that google will give more traffic for,
compared to links? ie. is it more worthwhile me spending time making
more pages of links (with some affiliate links on them), compared to
adding other features with existing links pages such as relevant
articles etc.?

Is it usually more or less effective to compete for affiliate links
with higher EPC's, compared to affiliate links with low EPC? Obviously
the EPC will be higher, but presumably the competition for traffic
will be higher too, so is it generally better or worse? Is there any
way to find out in advance if it will be worthwhile competing for
higher EPC's, compared to the lower ones?

I have pages with more than 2000 links on (so they take a while to
load). Will I get more or less traffic by splitting one long page into
many smaller pages alphabetically?

Can I find out what combinations of search words are most commonly
used together? For example, with the search word "art", what other
words ard most commonly searched for?

Any other general comments on how to optimise long-term reliable
income from affiliates from link-pages or similar? Is it worth
learning to use Google-analytics for this? Any free softwares which
might be helpful?

Thanks very much in advance for any replies.


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