optimising for the word IT ?

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Hi there, i notice for words like IT and AND google doesnt display true
results (i.e. it drops this bit - so when searching for "mergers and
aquisitions" you have to optimise for the term "merger acquisition" -
but what about "it support" ? is there a way to do this? or am i
optimising simply for the term "support" ?


Re: optimising for the word IT ?

"mark r" wrote ...
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Google recognizes that for 'common terms', a search is meaningless. Think
about it.
And that includes IT, because there's no way to tell it apart from 'it'*
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*That's 'it' as in "Constantinople is a very long word how do you spell it?"

Re: optimising for the word IT ?

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Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, a theory, a technique that I am trying
on www.polarbearoutfitters.com .

I did a test search on Google for : IT Consultants and the results are a
little weird. I went through the first five pages of results before I found
a site that had IT in the title, but IT wasn't bolded, hence not
acknowledged as part of the keyphrase search. However, the Google Adwords
only returned results that contained IT as part of their keyphrase

I have a similar situation with : fly-in fishing which is the industry
specific way of spelling the term, "in" being a stop word for Google. More
and more Google is recognizing the "in" as being part of "fly". In fact, a
search for : fly-in fishing returns results for both flyin and fly-in. The
point is, I have decided to concentrate on the word : fishing and making
fly-in a secondary consideration.

Also, in my case, I have decided to insert the term : flyin fishing, which
strangely enough seems to be a better term to use to provide results for
fly-in fishing. This boggled my simple mind for a couple of weeks trying to
figure out how I can capitalize with this observation, until I decided to
try it. My web site in question was once banned from Google results (
another SEO's fault before me ) and since it's rebirth into the SERPs it has
never been able to return to the first page of results. Now it is somewhat
stuck on the third page again. That is why I am trying this techniques as
the search frequency for this keyphrase peaks in March - April.

How to apply this to your keyphrase competition : Concentrate on the word :
support, making IT a secondary consideration. That type of thinking may be
somewhat "out-of-the-box" but is what appears to me to be giving the best
results, at this time, for keyphrases that contain stop words, such as


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Re: optimising for the word IT ?

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006 07:10:06 -0500, "canadafred"

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What if you use the acronym tag on your site. May be google will pick
that up and see it differently.
May work.


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Re: optimising for the word IT ?

the most popular "support" phrase is "computer support" but i think
thats too low key... hmm have to think about that one!


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