Opinions on this menu style -SEO wise

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Hi guys

I have been playing around with a new menu taken from here :

I like the look it gives, but when I did a keyword density test, my
results varied greatly from what it was using the older version. (for
the worse)

How can I use this type of menu without making it look spammy (ie,
using my keyword on every hyperlink ?)

Is this a good kind of menu to use for SEO or should I revert back to
the older version (showed page one of each subject and then on the
actual page itself you could then go to page 2, 3 etc)

Opinions please.

Thank you

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Re: Opinions on this menu style -SEO wise

Paul Burke wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The new menu actually looks great, and I don't think there is anything
spammy about it: in the crawlers' eyes (that are all JS-blind) all they
see is a list, and it did not change (much) from the old version as far as
I could see. Obviously, you want to conceal all your JS code in external
files (you still have one function inside the HTML code - why?) from the
SEO stand point, but other than that I don't see any obvious improvements.
Checking a menu taken outside the context (and content) of a site for
keyword density is a bit premature, don't you think? When content will be
added to the page the whole density thing is going to change dramatically,
so why bother?

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